Spilled: Instagram Algorithm Secrets In 2022

Spilled: Instagram Algorithm Secrets In 2022

  January 4, 2022



  January 4, 2022


In 2022, we manifest what we want, and we hustle hard to get it! This is our motto for the new year. What is yours? 

Is it to earn more through your creator profile?

 If so, Do Your Thng’s several paid campaigns on the app have got your back! 

If it is to crack the Instagram algorithm and rank better?

DYT Academy has got your back! 

Read on to know 6 ways you can crack the Instagram algorithm and rank better this year! 

6 Tips to breaking the boundaries of the Instagram algorithm in 2022

The most obvious solution is, of course, engaging better with your audience, producing content that drives likes, saves, shares, comments and being consistent

But how else can you improve your ranking in the IG algorithm? We’ve got 6 hacks for you!

Tip #1

Be super engaging in your stories! 

Instagram has seen a massive rise in engagement with stories. People love doing quizzes, answering polls, dropping questions and more on stories! So, it is time to use this high engagement feature to your advantage. 

  • Upload stories throughout the day. Doing it at one point of the day does no good as your story might get lost in the myriad of people your followers follow. 
  • When you are uploading these stories, encourage the audience to interact with them. Use the poll stickers, the drop a question sticker, and the quiz sticker to make your audience notice and interact with your content. 
  • For example, if it is an outfit story, you can always ask your audience to rate the fit with the emoji slider sticker. 

Tip #2 

Kill it with your hashtag strategy!

Hashtags are a foolproof way to reach new audiences. They also help you find the kind of audience that is more likely to enjoy your content and engage with it. 

  • Generic hashtags won’t be of much help, as with them your content might get lost in the millions of posts already present. 
  • Use specific hashtags and don’t bombard your post with a million hashtags. 30 hashtags on a post have been observed to have the highest level of engagement. Use them wisely and with relevance. 
  • Try the “Suggest Hashtag” feature to get the right ones. All you have to do is simply enter a relevant hashtag and click on the suggested tags. 

Tip #3

Share Instagram Reels as much as you can!

It is no secret that Instagram heavily promotes and pushes Reels content. Producing and sharing Reels has a better chance of getting you on the explore page as IG Reels has more space on the Explore page. 

Short of ideas for Reels? Follow the trends, keep a check on the trending music that week, and use the audio to create content. You can check out the trending music each week on our Instagram.

Tip #4 

Use all the different formats on Instagram to their optimal level

By this, we mean, cross-promote your content. With multiple different formats like Stories, Posts, Feed Video, Guides, and Reels you have a large scope of pushing a content piece in different forms. 

  • Cross-promoting is an effective way to make sure your post reaches different types of audiences. Some examples of this can be, putting a post on a story with the “Tap Here” sticker, or posting a snippet of your Feed Video as a Reel to entice your followers into watching the video. 
  • Adding collaborators to your post is another new way to reach a large number of audiences while cross-promoting.

Tip #5 

Use engaging captions and comments 

Getting your followers to comment on your content is a tough task, but a necessary one. By using smart and well-framed captions on your posts, you can get your viewers to comment on the post, mention their friends, and more. 

Added to this, if you are active in your comment section, our followers will feel more connected to you and will continue to engage with your content. Think of fun, quirky, and smart responses to your followers’ comments. 


Tip #6 

Keep an eye on your Instagram Analytics 

Instagram analytics is a mind-blowing feature for all creators out there. It tells you what content is working, what time of the day we have the highest reach and engagement, what kind of audience we are reaching, where they are from, and so much more! 

We wrote a whole guide on how IG analytics can help hack your growth. Don’t skip it. 

Tracking and monitoring your numbers on Instagram analytics is a definitive way to understand what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong with your content. Make sure to note these numbers weekly and understand the behaviour of your audience to grow faster. 

Well, there you have it. 6 ways you can rank better by using the Instagram algorithm to your advantage. We also wrote about the Instagram trends of 2022. Give it a read and slay the new year! The team at DYT is rooting for you to achieve your goals this year!  


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