Imagine this: you are trying to talk up your Instagram, but your friends can not stop gushing about how trendy Twitter Spaces have been lately. So, you decide to tweet your Instagram post, only to see an off-putting hyperlink instead of the kicka$$ picture you took. 

We know. We know. We’ve been there. It’s the bane of all creators. We couldn’t preview an Instagram post in a tweet. But finally, finally, Instagram has some good news in store for you!

It launched a new Instagram feature that allows “image previews to appear in Tweets when sharing Instagram posts from public accounts on Twitter.

                    (Credit: Instagram)

The new Instagram feature: previews on Twitter

The update primarily improves how you can make content appear even outside of the app. Essentially, it allows image previews to appear in tweets. This means that when you share a particular post in a tweet, it will be accompanied by a photo (not a boring old link). 

This is applicable to posts shared from public Instagram accounts only. Although all kinds of Instagram posts, from static images to Reels to Feed Videos, can be shared. 

In addition to this, the caption that you use in your post will be displayed next to the preview. The link to the original post will be attached in the tweet, and once a person clicks on it, they’ll be redirected to Instagram. 

How does the Instagram feature help content creators?

An integral aspect of being a content creator is consistently growing audiences across various platforms. This means not restricting your content to just Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. So, when you publish a new Instagram post, it makes more sense to tweet it because it helps you reach a wider audience.

That’s exactly what this new Instagram feature does. It allows you to tap into an audience that might not be on Instagram. And because people want pictures of everything before they follow, that’s what they get with this update.

They can gauge your content more efficiently. The visual thumbnail builds eagerness, reduces the monotony of tweets, and incentivises people to pause their scrolling and check what the post has to offer. In short, it helps content creators by facilitating cross-promotion of your content.

Make your content more discoverable by embedding it on websites

Taking it up a notch, Instagram now also allows you to “embed your Instagram profile on a website.”

What’s the big deal about that? Well, you can share a preview of not just the profile, but also six of your most recent posts. Although this update is currently available only in the USA, the social media giant is working on extending this to other countries as well. 

This update is ideal for bloggers who want targeted traffic and use a blog as an additional medium to disseminate content. Also, if you’re a creator inclined towards writing, it’s the ideal feature for you. Why? It enhances the visual appeal of your blog without any effort. 

Still sceptical about navigating this update? We’ve got you covered! Follow the steps to make embedding a cakewalk. 

  • First, visit the profile you wish to share. This could either be your own profile or a profile of another blogger. 
  • If it is your own profile, click the gear icon.
  • If it is someone else’s profile, proceed to click on the three dots displayed along with the post. 

                          (Credit: Instagram)

  • Click on “embed” and then click on “copy embed code”.
  • You will receive a code. Copy it and paste it into your website.This will display a profile preview. 

Just like the Twitter preview, this update is only applicable to public Instagram accounts and available only in the USA. But we’re hoping it’ll be launched in other countries soon! 

Did you leave the article in the middle to go experiment with the new Instagram feature? Guess we caught you red-handed! But we don’t judge. Feel free to let your creative juices flow and go do your thng.