Did the lockdown intrigue the baking spirit inside you? Or maybe you’re looking for the best cake Instagram accounts to cater to your event? Or maybe you’re simply in the mood to look at some mouthwatering and delicious pictures. 

Whatever the reason, we have your back. We sat down to find the best cake pages on Instagram in India (particularly Delhi) and these are the ones that made the cut. 

Best cake pages on Instagram to pamper your taste buds 

Courtesy of social media, our lives have become so much simpler. In this case, it is much more flavourful. These 9 Indian Instagram bakers from Delhi have redefined the art of baking. So, if you are looking for the best custom cakes in Delhi, do not skip these profiles.

1. Cakes ‘N’ Ribbons


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Cakes’N’Ribbons introduces themselves as a connoisseur of conceptual cakes. And it shows. Their cakes look like they have come straight out of Pinterest mood boards. 

FYI, the cake artist in Delhi offers not just cakes, but more decadent delicacies. Their range of services includes gifting solutions for several events such as birthdays, private parties, etc. Because they cater to various events, they deliver a diverse palette and aesthetics, but pink and red are the most recurring palettes on their Instagram feed.

Moreover, their Valentine’s Day special cones are too delightful to be missed out on. Since love (or should we say, COVID) is in the air, do not miss out on this opportunity. Go ahead and dive into the delicious cakes by Cakes’N’Ribbons!


2. Risata by Muskan

Operating from West Delhi, Risata extends its services across the city. From macaroons to eclairs, and crepes to croissants, the best cake maker in Delhi (according to us) offers all kinds of baked goods. The treats have a French aesthetic and an understated, elegant gourmet appeal. 

The pâtisserie is run by certified pastry chef Muskan, who keeps the designs simple yet classic. One glimpse at their Instagram handle, and you will see for yourself!

If Khan Market/ Lodhi Colony bakeries are drilling a hole in your pocket, then consider the cakes from Risata sent straight from heaven. They also offer eggless variants for most of their deserts. So, you do not have to skimp on taste. Make sure to also check out their delectable range of wedding cakes – the perfect cherry on top for any wedding ceremony. 


3. Cakes Pop up

Cakes Pop Up holds an extensive and versatile collection of cakes. They have chic and classic, quirky and simple, as well as over-the-top chocolate-laden cakes for chocoholics. This online cakery offers eggless cakes and cupcakes. They also curate small buckets for events with muffins, candies, and more that are sheer cuteness. 

If you had to pick a cake shop on Instagram, this one should be it. Why? Because their desserts are a delight to the eyes and to the taste buds. Their page stands as testimony to our claims. 


4. Bakesserie


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If you’re looking for home bakers on Instagram, then Bakesserie is a fantastic option. The cake baker also curates chocolate, cupcakes, brownies, and more. The highlight of their product range is their gifting hampers. From chocolates packed as crackers for Diwali to everything pink for baby showers, they sure have marked a niche for themselves.

The Instagram account is lively and engaging because the owner gives sneak peeks of the baking process through Reels and videos. If you’re a baker or food content creator, this is the ideal account to follow. 


5. Whisk it by Sonalika

What makes Whisk It by Sonalika stand out from other cake bakers on Instagram is their gluten-free and sugar-free brownies. Sonalika is a self-taught baker who has given way to her passion and is running Whisk It with full vigour and delight. 

Operating from Safdarjung, this bakery specialises in freshly baked cakes, fudge, brownies, and customised cupcakes in flavours such as chai, Nutella, almond, etc. They experiment with unique flavour combinations without compromising on taste. A dash of variety is what intrigues us, and Whisk It by Sonalika does justice to that. 


6. The Chocolate Avenue

Ayushi Mahajan is making life so much more indulgent for vegetarians with her online baking and cooking studio, The Chocolate Avenue. The Instagram handle may not be intricately managed, but their baked goods definitely attract attention.

However, that’s not the reason it made it to our 10 best cake bakers on Instagram. It’s because The Chocolate Avenue serves more than just sweet treats. From Greek salads to bruschetta, from cake bites to cake jars, it is a multi-flavour and multi-cuisine smorgasbord that will leave you spoilt for choice. We place our bets on The Chocolate Avenue as the best cake artist in Delhi.


7. The Sugar Slide

The Sugar Slide specialises in cakes of multiple shapes, tiers, and flavours. They are eggless and the best custom cakes in Delhi: bright, quirky, and with a little reference to pop culture. From a cake that resembles KFC buckets to cupcakes inspired by Marvel/ DC characters, this cake artist is seriously killin’ it.

Still can’t get over Spider-Man: No Way Home? The Sugar Slide is just one phone call away! Feel free to reach out to them to satisfy your dual cravings. The perfect bakery to breathe life into your favourite fandom, no matter what it is.


8. Tanviz Dream Oven


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Dream Oven is a venture by Tanviz, an entrepreneur and a pastry chef. It is also one of the cake pages that made our list with over 54k followers. One look at the amazing artistry that is their cakes, and you’ll understand why they have such a massive following. 

The bakery delivers chic, classic, and quirky cakes, as well as all things pink, and has an outlet in Punjabi Bagh. Foodies and bakers, don’t miss this Instagram page. You can learn a lot from it. And, oh, the cakery conducts workshops on baking, making sushi, and other Asian delicacies. Just in case you’re interested!


9. The Cake Boutique

Cakes, cookies, chocolates, and more. The Cake Boutique, Delhi is a hundred per cent vegetarian Instagram baker in Delhi. Psst, they accept orders via WhatsApp too. Before you eat their cake, you will spend a sufficient amount of time taking gram-worthy photos of it. What’s more? They create cupcake popsicles as well.

Why are these the best cake pages on Instagram for us?

There are thousands of Instagram pages dedicated to cakes, bakes, and more. We stuck to Instagram bakers based out of Delhi, and we deliberately chose budding cake bakers because that’s what we do. Give a shout-out to small creators who are trying to make it big.

It’s the best part of social media. It allows home-grown independent labels to grow. We, for one, are delighted to have found such talented bakers in one city.

Warning Note: DYT is not responsible for any cake cravings that will follow. Open the links to these Instagram cake pages at your own risk. As they say, you can’t have your cake and eat it too!