For every content creator out there, one thing is as important as creating content, and that is consuming content. And no, we are not talking about going down the rabbit hole of cat videos, but the ones that inspire and leave us in awe of their sheer creativity. 

But hey, if cats are your thng we appreciate that just as much.

Anyway, enter the queen of aesthetics and self-proclaimed café interior enthusiast from Mumbai Nupur Singh, or as her Instagram handle goes, @thelazyinsomniac. Her Instagram aesthetic is, as we like to call it, on ???.

 We took a deep dive and decoded Nupur’s Instagram for some content tips and things we feel the creator is excelling at!

Play to your strengths 

Ask any Instagram guru, and they will tell you this: when you start on your creative journey, follow your passion and find your niche. Nupur is the epitome of just that. She is a photographer, and her ‘gram is her portfolio. Her impeccably colour-graded photos draw you in and make you want to explore and appreciate the efforts someone has put into them. It’s all about those first impressions.

Aesthetics, Aesthetics, Aesthetics

Scroll down her profile, and you will see why we are in love with her aesthetics. She has carefully curated pictures in blocks of 12, 15, or 18. Creating a perfect grid. She follows a palette, and that is all it takes to hook you to her feed. Whether that’s subtle reds, sky blues, or pastels, her feed has it all. Once you’re in, two hours have gone by, and you’re 500 posts deep.

Nupur Singh’s Instagram

Know the rules to break them

One of the most important tips for every new content creator is to Create. Content. Consistently. It’s essential to show up, so people don’t forget you quickly. But Nupur doesn’t, and yet she has amassed a massive ~100K following. 

Wonder how she did that? 

She may not be consistent right now, but she knows what she is doing because she has already gone through the rituals and this is what works for her. Years of posting and a loyal following later, she can sit back and relax without having to worry about the algorithm as much. 

Consider yourself a brand, develop a voice and stick by it

Nupur may not be consistent, which may be on purpose, but she is consistent in her tone and brand voice. Her cute and quirky voice has remained the same, even if you stalk her back to 3 years ago. 

You’re funny and zany? That’s good. 

Or do you want to sound motivational and serious? That goes too. 

Just remember that, as long as you are staying true to yourself, anything goes. 

Confidence wins half the battles for content creators

According to her Instagram, Nupur is a photographer and a stylist, but she is the model in most of her photos. She has the confidence to carry herself in ways we see models do. 

Now, we are not saying showing your face is your only chance at being authentic and confident. No-no-no. Her posts of foods and products radiate her energy in just the same way. What exudes that confidence is the work she has put in. 

So, our next content tip from Nupur’s Instagram is to get grinding and the confidence will seep into everything you do. Trust us, it’s coming from a place of personal introspection. (Wink, wink)

Experiment with content formats and see what sticks

Content creation without a strategy is like going skiing without the poles or going on a hike without shoes. It is possible, but you won’t be able to go too far, and it’s not that fun. 

Nupur’s Instagram shows us exactly that. 

She has a good mix of posts, carousels, reels, and a few Instagram series and guides sprinkled here and there. The learning here? Gotta use all the tools at your disposal. But do what’s authentic to you. 

Even though Reels will grow your reach, not every trend is the right one for you. Don’t let peer pressure make you do something that is off-brand to YOU. 


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Mix it up

Honestly, doing the same thing over and over again and seriously niche-ing down has its downsides as well. The audience knows what to expect, and it stops being entertaining. 

As a creator, too, there is only a finite number of things you can do before the ideas start running out. So, try and mix things up now and then. Take Nupur, for example, and you’ll see what we mean. 

We know her niche is photography, but we often get to see posts about food, fashion, travel, and self-portraits. Sometimes she even gives us architectural symmetry to drool over (chef’s kiss).

Decoding more Instagram handles 

And there you have it. Some things we loved from one of our favourite creators, and tips you might find useful. Now, get cracking and creating. We would love to see what personal iterations you can come up with.

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