It is 2022 and sharing memes is how you build relationships. Because laughter really is the best medicine. So, we sat down to hunt for the top 10 Indian meme pages on Instagram. At least according to us! 

And because the people at DYT need all the help to find the one. (Person 1, if you’re reading this, *hint* hint* We need holidays to have a dating life).

Top 10 Indian meme pages on Instagram you need to follow right now!

Stuck in that one boring online lecture where your professor just won’t stop talking? Have a tonne of unread emails and assignments lined up at work? Looking for memes to break the ice? Searching for inspiration on making engaging memes?

These are the best Indian meme pages to follow on Instagram. After the pile of files your boss has thrown at you, they’re bound to make you happy. 

1. BeingInd


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If you are not following this Indian meme page, you are missing out on a lot of content for sure. BeingInd is one of the best original meme accounts in context with the Indian cultural, political, and economic system. With 402k, it sure is one of the most loved meme pages. If you are easily addicted to reels, we warn you before following this page! Endless scrolling is guaranteed.  


2. Theindianidiot


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With a whopping 848k followers, TheIndianIdiot introduces you to a world filled with reality that hits you hard. Yet, the memes urge you to share them with your group and laugh. It is also one of the most followed meme pages on Instagram in India. For all the Desi music lovers out there, you are bound to get addicted to their carousel posts. Use them to make your move this Valentine’s. Thank us later 😉


3. Sagarcasm


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A post shared by Sagar (@sagarcasm)

With extremely sarcastic content, Sagarcasm posts the most relatable memes on the internet. This page shouts “you are not the only one”. This man single-handedly manages to keep his army of 410k followers entertained with witty one-liners and meme templates. Can’t get over AP Dhillon’s “excuses” memes? Follow this page.


4. BuzzFeed India


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A post shared by BuzzFeed India (@buzzfeedindia)

Be it exams, festivals, or Bollywood, BuzzFeed India has memes in store for every occasion, t making it one of the top Indian meme pages for us. One of their best features is their fun and peppy quizzes. One-click from their bio and you will find yourself taking a quiz about what type of Samosa you are! Their memes are also politically relevant. So, you get the added benefit of staying up to date with current affairs. 


5. Thedesistuff


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A post shared by The Desi Stuff (@thedesistuff)

If being Indian had a feeling, it would be this page. Thedesistuff collects the most ‘desi’ memes on the internet and serves them to you on a single platform. Unleash the desi-ness within you and go tap follow. There’s a reason it has amassed 537k followers and it’s the hidden wit and humour of Indian tweeters.


6. Ad Parody


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A post shared by Ad Parody (@ad.parody)

Ad Parody is a page that thrives on marrying business and pop culture, information and humour, copy and design. This is a page that first makes you laugh and then makes you think. From starter packs to literal advertisement parodies, this page lives up to its name and does justice to the same. For pop culture “noobs” out there, use the meme account as an educational page to increase your pop culture IQ!


7. Dipraj_jadhav_edits


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A post shared by Dipraj Jadhav (@dipraj_jadhav_edits)

With a bounty of memes to look at and have a good laugh over, the idea that gave birth to this Instagram meme page was that “life is a mashup.” If you are an OG Bollywood fan who understands every possible film reference there is, Dipraj will leave you in splits. This writer is proud to be part of his 852k follower community!


8. The Indian Memes


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A post shared by Indian Memes (@theindianmemes)

Carefully curating Indian tweets, the USP of The Indian Memes would undoubtedly be its easy to comprehend humour. Not sure if you should watch the latest Bollywood release? If you follow this page, you are essentially following a movie review page. The admins of this page come across as unabashed Akshay Kumar fans, too! So, if you are a fellow fan yourself, make sure to follow.


9. The Dope Indian


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A post shared by The Dope Indian (@thedopeindian)

Are you addicted to dad jokes? Are you secretly a maths nerd who enjoys puns?This page will excite the memer and the student inside you. This page is less of a meme account and more of one-line zingers. It’s a little dark, a little punny, and a lot witty.But nonetheless, it promises a good laugh with clever jokes that you may have to read twice to get.


10. Recommendation Community 

This Instagram meme page is best for cinephiles. What’s more? It has not just Hindi movies, but also regional content and movies from the West. Their series like “9 movies you should watch if you are stressed” is how we knew it’s the top meme page to follow for us!

Why should you follow Indian meme pages on Instagram?

We curated this list of the top meme pages on Instagram to help you take a chill pill. Also, does a better conversation starter than memes even exist? So, go follow these amazing accounts, and if we missed any, tag them in the comments!