Let’s not beat around the bush and make one thing clear. We are all guilty of screen time at the end of the day. But who can blame us? With beauty bloggers and vloggers in India galore talking about how to make skin glow like glass, the temptation is a given!

Top beauty vloggers who inspire other content creators

Let’s not even start on the content ideas that top beauty bloggers in India give budding creators.

Can’t get over that one reel Komal Pandey made out of your head? Welcome to the club! She is just one of the many Indian beauty influencers (or from India, or at least a thread of connection to India) that we can’t get enough of. Here is a whole list of others. 

Beauty vlogger 1: Smitha Deepak

With a whopping subscriber count on YouTube and Instagram, the numbers really speak to how successful Smitha Deepak is as a beauty YouTuber. Based in San Francisco, she offers easy-to-follow makeup tutorials for beginners and makeup pros alike. 

The best part of her content is that it caters to every skin type: oily, dry, mixed, acne-prone. Additionally, her tutorials specialise in eye makeup. She also uploads content for every occasion, from weddings to Halloween parties, you name it. Her all-inclusive content is what makes her a sensation for millions of people and one of the top beauty bloggers for us.

Beauty vlogger 2: Malvika Sitlani

Malvika Sitlani Aryan is a renowned makeup artist and top beauty blogger in India. She also has her own brand called Masic Beauty. Her brand offers luxury products at a price that doesn’t hurt your pocket. Not to mention, they are 100% vegan and cruelty-free too. 

The product range goes beyond beauty and includes customised scented candles and a line of perfumes called “Boujee”. She describes it as being a symphony of cherry with hints of nutty tones. 

FYI, she is more of a beauty YouTuber and does occasional travel vlogs and product reviews. So be on the lookout! 

Beauty vlogger 3: Komal Pandey


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Komal Pandey is surely out there winning a lot of hearts. Her story is an inspiration for many. Having been clinically diagnosed with anxiety, she fought the battle bravely and created her own fashion empire. “Self-made” is the only way to truly describe her. 

Why do we consider her one of the best Indian beauty influencers? Because her dressing sense is unique, modern, and abstract. More than that, she realises her audience is not limited to English speakers. 

So, her captions often embrace Hindi. Budding creators, pay attention. Regional content is what sets her apart from conventional beauty vloggers. 

For more content tips decoded from Komal’s Instagram handle, hop over here. 

Beauty vlogger 4: Jyotii Sethi

Jyotii Sethi Raina wears numerous hats, and being one of the Indian beauty influencers is one of them. She branches out into travel and lifestyle too. Her USP is the fusion of travel, fashion, and food in her content. 

She also includes her family and friends, which makes her content more interactive and relatable. But the real reason she makes our list is that her themes explore where no Indian beauty vlogger goes: trying cheap makeup products off Amazon, street shopping vlogs, etc. 

Beauty vlogger 5: Ankita Chaturvedi

Ankita Chaturvedi, or as she is better known, Corallista, is a UK-based beauty and content creator who focuses on South Asian skin. Her content endorses body positivity, self-love, and makeup. 

The “engineer turned entrepreneur” is a trained makeup artist from the Makeup Forever Academy, Paris. Her videos include makeup tutorials, product reviews, and skincare routines, but she is also one of the more well-known lifestyle and beauty vloggers from India and knows how to make fun of the trivialities of life. 

Beauty vlogger 6: Shivangi Sharma

Shivangi Sharma is an actor and an occasional fashion vlogger. The makeup YouTuber and Indian beauty influencer have all the usual makings of a beauty vlog, from tutorials to product reviews. 

On the back of her content creation success, she launched her brand, House of Shaarom. It offers a diverse product range, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, her “Love and Light” collection, and luxury boutique candles. These candles are eco-friendly with 100% vegan and non-toxic wax. We say follow her for the beauty content and love her for turning into an entrepreneur

Beauty vlogger 7: Shreya Jain


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Shreya Jain is one of the leading beauty vloggers from India (Delhi). We love her because she’s reviewed almost every Indian makeup brand in existence. Her content also includes comparison videos, where she assesses beauty products, their price range and quality. 

Besides being known as one of the top beauty bloggers, she is the CEO of a brand called SJ Merch, a fashion and retail outlet. Her product range includes scented candles with personalised tokens and gifts. As part of her merchandise, she also offers coffee mugs, diaries, journals, and t-shirts.

Beauty vlogger 8: Simran Bhatia Sharma


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We’ll be honest: Simran Bhatia hasn’t been active on YouTube for quite a few months. But, but, if you scroll down her feed, you’ll find tonnes of videos on beauty, fashion, and more. And that’s why she made our list of top beauty bloggers in India. 

FYI, there’s a reason she’s been MIA from YouTube. The content creator is busy building Swish Boss, the perfect online shopping stop for all things stunning. She’s also launched swishbydolcyandsimran, a brand that focuses on Indian outfits and jewellery.

Beauty vlogger 9: Priyanka Prajapati


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Proudly presenting the most hardworking woman out there – Priyanka Prajapati. She belongs to the city of dreams, Mumbai. She is a full-time YouTuber and one of the best beauty vloggers in India.

According to her, she is not perfect. But her fans didn’t agree. Her dedication and content quality say it all. Besides being a self-taught makeup artist, she is also an interior designer. That’s why we call her a “multi-tasker”.

She has collaborated with multiple brands, and she uploads makeup, health, skincare, and vlog videos on her YouTube channel “So Chic“. Her Instagram is loaded with super-amazing makeup content worth following.

Beauty vlogger 10: Aashna Shroff


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The perfect example of beauty with brains is Aashna Shroff, one of the top beauty bloggers in India. She is the author of the beauty blog “The Snob Journal,” and she loves to experiment with new things and go the extra mile.

Her beauty blog is filled with unique content that urges readers to revamp their closets and experiment with new things. She has also worked with top makeup brands like Nykaa, L’Oreal, Body Shop, and more. Aashna’s overall personality makes her fall within our list of the best Indian beauty influencers in India.

Beauty vlogger 11: Debashree Banerjee


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Another famous beauty vlogger who is ruling YouTube with her top-notch makeup content is none other than Debashree Banerjee. If you are looking for extraordinary makeup tips and how-to videos, check out her content. 

We are sure you will fall in love with her videos. From makeup tips to honest reviews of the products, you will find plenty of informative and quality content.

Beauty vlogger 12: Aakriti Rana

Aakriti is a blend of beauty, style, and confidence. And these traits put her on the list of top beauty vloggers in India. Her Instagram is filled with eye-catching outfits, which you can even buy from her shop on Instagram – @shopwithaakriti.

Beauty vlogger 13: Ritika Amru


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Following Ritika’s YouTube channel can be your best bet if you want to get amazing looks using different Indian and international products. Her videos are informative and will give you a deep insight into which product is best for your skin. If you are a beauty enthusiast, you will spend all your money buying the right beauty products after watching her videos.

Beauty vlogger 14: Mehak Sagar

The perfect example of hard work and confidence is Mehak Sagar. While most of us become stressed about handling one job, Mehak juggles various demanding careers. As the founder of WedmeGood, she is one of the most famous Indian beauty influencers.

On her blog, Peaches and Blush, she posts reviews of products that are best for your skin. Moreover, Mehak has been rated as one of the top beauty bloggers by Business Review India.

Beauty vlogger 15: Kritika Khurana


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The last of the beauty bloggers and YouTubers we picked today is Kritika Khurana. The fashion design graduate based in New Delhi needs no introduction and is more known by her moniker “That Boho Girl” than her real name.

Kritika’s videos run the whole gamut: from outfit videos to hairstyle tutorials, from DIYs to travel videos. What we’re loving is the short yet crisp beauty and makeup videos she’s posting through YT Shorts. They’re fun and entertaining and don’t take up a lot of your time. 

For content tips from Kritika’s Instagram handle, swing by here.

New beauty vloggers: ready to start your channel?

We know there is no dearth of beauty YouTubers from India, in India or with some connection to India. (Diipa Khosla, here’s looking at you). But we wanted to keep our list short and sweet, so we stuck to just 9. 

We leave you with a disclaimer. Be prepared to increase your screen time now that you have gone through the list. Any beauty vlogger will be inspired to start their own channel after watching these content creators. Remember, we warned you :p.

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