The past few Valentine’s Days have been hard. The unplanned lockdowns and restrictions everywhere made it difficult for people to show their love. Then there is the loss that almost everyone has suffered.

Maybe you said goodbye to someone you loved too soon, or know someone who did. So on this Valentine’s Day, your goal as a content creator, no matter how big or small, should be to have some fun and spread some happiness. 

Here are some content ideas you can use during this Valentine’s Week (minus Day 1. Our bad. We got busy debating the most beautiful rose in the world.) 

Gift guides for Valentine’s Day

First, let’s get the most obvious things out of the way. Gift guides. When you are a content creator, people start to look up to you for gift ideas and guides for special occasions. Curate a gift guide for him and her for your audience. 

Gift guides can be a great source of monetization too. If you have products or merch to sell, your gift guides are the perfect place to plug them in. If not, then you can curate merchandise from websites like Amazon or Myntra and sign up for their referral or affiliate programs. So, the more people that end up buying from your affiliate link, the more money you will make. 

Don’t limit the scope to gifts for him or her. Make sure the guide includes gifts for BFF, gift guides for family, and even gift guides for yourself. Why? Because love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love; can not be killed or swept aside.

Promote self-care and love for all

Valentine’s Day is a good time to promote all kinds of love. Romantic, platonic, and even self-love. We often forget that we are the main character in the movie of our lives, and taking care of ourselves is just as important. So, do your part in reminding people of it.

As a content creator, you can make posts, carousels, or videos advocating self-love. Again, blogs and vlogs are both good options, too. If you want to increase your reach and want the Instagram gods to help you, then reels are the way to go. You can even repurpose snippets of your long-form YouTube content into reels or YT Shorts and redirect your audience to the original video.

Use each day leading up to 14th Feb to talk about one kind of love. Dedicate one day as the day you say “I love you” to friends. Dedicate another to saying “I love you” to parents. And so on and so forth. When your community sees you taking the plunge, they too will be motivated to act, giving the content idea the potential to go viral and become a movement. All you have to do is give it a try.

Collaborate with other content creators

Collaboration is a win-win situation for all parties involved. You, your partner, and the audience. We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again. Collaborating with other creators in your niche or something close to it helps you leverage their audience and get more views. You can use those views to get more traffic on your social account or your blog and increase exposure. 

Make sure that the collaboration is complementary to you. If you are a fashion content creator, partnering with an educational content creator does not make sense. 

How do you find a creator to collaborate with? Use the chat feature on the DYT App. 

After you’ve found a creator, all you have left to do is decide on the content. Make sure it’s a mutual content plan that co-markets everyone involved. It’s a good choice to set the tone of voice and intent for both. 

To make your partnership with another creator appear seamless and natural, aim for a similar colour palette if you are doing it via Instagram. With the new Instagram partner tag feature, you can appear on the timelines of people if you have been mentioned by someone they follow. 

Plan a live session with your followers

One of the things that makes a community strong is when they feel included. Do exactly that. The size of the community doesn’t matter. Plan a virtual event with your followers. You can do that via Facebook, Youtube, Instagram Live, Zoom, or Google Meet. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that when in-person meets can’t work out, virtual meets are the next best thing.

Even though they can’t be a replacement for physical meetups, people still respond to live virtual gatherings. You can plan the whole event around the theme of love. Spreading love and kindness or discussing the current state of the world There’s nothing you can’t talk about. (If you are talking about food, please forward us the invite!)

Again, if you have a substantial following and want to monetize your live session. Try selling tickets to the event. This is a good way to earn money, but only do this when you have two things. First, a considerable following; and second, a trusting audience that will respond positively and participate. 

And, oh, remember to share something of real value with the audience if you want them to keep showing up for future events!

Show your followers you love them

If you don’t have a beau to confess your love to, then do it for your followers. Appreciate the people who are the reason you are a content creator. Post heartfelt messages to thank your community for the support they have given you.

Arrange giveaways for people to win. Coupons, rewards, anything works, or if you have merchandise, then give that away. Giving something back does so much more than just saying, “Hey, guys, I love you. OK, thanks, bye. “

Don’t force-fit content ideas for Valentine’s Week

We leave you with the one piece of advice we repeat again and again. Be genuine and authentic. Be true to yourself and true to your brand.

If you feel Valentine’s Day is off-brand for you as a creator, which is a rarity but still a possibility, then abstain from it. Not everything can be relatable to you. 

It’s better to stay away from a trend than come off as fake. Maybe your followers aren’t into that either. So, know your audience before you start planning the week leading up to 14th February. 

Whatever you do, remember to do your thng!

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