We’re not gonna beat about the bush because there are one too many Instagram Story ideas you can use. So, here are some hacks, tips, and tricks you may or may not already know about Instagram stories to build your community of fans. FYI, we stuck to ideas that you can do right from the phone and the Instagram app.

Instagram story idea 1: effects on emojis

Emojis are great. What’s even better? Making them stand out on Stories by adding effects to them. 

How to

On stories, insert an emoji. Then tap the text tool (Aa). Scroll through the different font options to watch the emoji gain depth, glow, or just dance. 

Instagram story idea 2: on-brand colours

The default colours on Instagram are limited, and that seriously hampers staying on brand to your personality. Think using teal for all stories. So, the next Instagram story hack is to change your text to your brand colours.

How to 

Open stories, go to Draw, and then tap the brush tool. When the coloured circles pop open at the bottom, tap and hold down on one of them. This will change the colour palette into a slider with a far broader range of colours. Pick the one you use for all your stories. 

Another how to

If you have a photo that shows all your brand colours (and this works when creating sponsored content too), use the “Add from camera roll” feature. When creating a story, tap the sticker icon, go to “add from camera roll” and upload the image to the story. 

Then use the colour picker tool, which looks like an eyedropper or pipette, to find the right shade. Use it to colour the background, draw or write text. Once done, delete the image you’ve added from your roll by holding it down and moving it to the trash bin that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Instagram story idea 3: do ‘reveal’ stories

There are plenty of ways to increase engagement on the content. But the one tried and tested way that never fails is building intrigue. Use the reveal or scratch card effect on Instagram stories to entice your community. Think of it as a trailer before the release.  

How to

Start a new Story, tap the draw icon and then the colour picker tool (the eyedropper symbol). Pick a colour you love and then tap and hold the screen for a couple of seconds to fill the entire screen with the colour. Next, tap the eraser tool and then artistically erase parts of the screen to ‘reveal’ what’s underneath. 

FYI, you can create a whole Instagram Story series by erasing a small section of the image and then hitting save. This becomes image 1. Reupload image 1 and then erase another part of it. Save to create image 2. Upload image 2 and erase some other sections of it. Save to create image 3. Repeat the process to create a series.

Instagram story idea 4: add a green screen

Marvel and DC have been using green screens for decades, to the awe of their fans. Well, so can you now!

How to

Start a story, then click on filters. Scroll right to the end, where you can search for more filters (the magnifying glass icon). Type green screen and pick the filter Instagram has created for it. The background will turn green. To add an image or video in the background, simply click on “add media.” 

Instagram story idea 5: layering photos on videos

As content creators, we’ve all done product reviews. Combining video and image is a great Story hack for those. Think: a photo of the product in the forefront while you talk about it in the background. 

How to

Record or select the video from your gallery. Tap the sticker icon and then click on the photo sticker. Choose the image from your gallery, and it’ll be added to the Instagram Story on top of the video. You can resize the image and move it around. 

Instagram story idea 6: a string of progression posts

Want to add drama to your content? Create a sequence of posts with new elements added to each succeeding Story. 

How to:

Make a story with all the usual trappings. Let’s say it’s an image of a new outfit. Add the text “new” to the story and then save it. Upload it again and add the text “outfit” to it. Save again and then upload once more to add the text “alert” to it. Then post all three images to your Stories. When tapped in succession, the Stories will show the words “new outfit alert” appearing in sequence!

Instagram story idea 7: solid colour background

Instagram has nice default backgrounds. But there are times when you want a total zinger of a colour. For those moments, here’s how to fill an Instagram story background with a solid colour. 

How to

Start creating a story. Click on the draw icon. Once the colour circles pop-up on the bottom, pick one. Tap and hold the image for 2 to 3 seconds, and it should fill up with the chosen colour. 

Instagram story idea 8: translucent layer on top

Sometimes all it takes to make your content really pop is adding visual intrigue. One way to do it is to include a translucent layer of colour on an image or video. Plus, it gives all your stories consistency, making them more recognisable to your community. 

How to

Start a story, go to the draw tool and then click the highlighter icon. Select the colour, make sure it’s of a light hue. Then tap and hold the screen for a second or two. The image or video should now be covered by a see-through layer of colour. 

Instagram story idea 9: post multiple stories simultaneously 

Creating, editing, and then uploading a Story that has multiple parts takes time. Most creators prep them beforehand and then upload them one by one. Well, the multi-capture tool is an easier Instagram hack to it. 

How to

On Stories, click the icon that has a circle surrounded by a dotted circle. It’s a multi-capture feature. Take all the photos you want to add to your story. You’ll see them get added at the bottom of the screen. Tap this circle to edit each image with stickers, music, text, and more. When you’re done, click “next” and all the images will be posted as an individual story!

Instagram story idea 10: colour coordinate the question sticker

Question stickers are the easiest method to build your follower numbers because they engage your audience. But using the same old black and white question sticker gets boring. Switch it up to give your stories a fresh look. 

How to

Start a story and use the sticker icon to include Questions in it. After you’ve typed your question, tap the colour wheel you see on top of the screen. Keep tapping to change the colour of the sticker until you find the one you love. Then post!

Instagram story idea 11: hide all tags

Hashtags and mentions are all but mandatory for your content. But there are times when you want the Story to be aesthetic AF and tags just ruin the feel. We say hide them, like you tuck wires and cords that spoil the visuals of your home. 

How to

Open Stories and first type in all the hashtags and mentions necessary. Then, using the stickers button, pick the image you want the Story to show. Resize the image to fill the entire screen. This will cover the tags but will still allow Instagram to read them. So, the tagged people will be able to reshare!

Another how to

One more way to make mentions and hashtags invisible is to use the same colour. Select the image you want to post as a story. Then use the text box to include the tags and mentions. 

Tap the rainbow wheel (on top of the screen) and then select the colour picker tool (eyedropper icon). Now make the colour of the text the same as the image background so the tags blend in. Reduce the font size too. This Instagram hack doesn’t conceal the tags, but does make them nearly invisible. 

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