TL;DR: How-to posts, Q&As, testimonials, personal stories, reviews and BTS are some of the content ideas creators (or brands) can use to fill up their social media schedule!

What do you think is one of the key variables in determining the growth of your Instagram account? While there may be a few, posting regularly and consistently is likely to be a common answer to this question. 

Easier said than done. Consistent posting on Instagram requires a lot of effort and brainstorming.

Seems a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? Don’t fret, folks! We are here to help you sail the boat with 9 different types of content that will work as a breath of fresh air. 

Content idea 1: the ‘how-to’

With the internet being swamped with people telling you what to do, there is only a handful helping you navigate through the process of how to do those things. 

It’s why ‘How-To’ content, which offers a step-by-step guide on any topic, has enormous potential that creators can tap into. For instance, we have a number of social media posts that detail how to navigate our app, like raising an invoice through it. 

Trust us when we say that the audience loves something that simplifies what seems like drudgery! 

Content idea 2: questions and answers

This form of content is a star because it makes people’s lives easier. Curate a list of the most frequently asked questions and provide answers through their content. 

Let’s say you are a fashion content creator. Your audience would love to know about clothes for their body type. Okay, let’s simplify it further. There are people on YouTube making millions by answering the most googled questions in their videos! 

Content idea 3: the ‘why’ content 

Since human beings are inherently curious, the “Why” type of content is an instant hit with the audience. We want to know why things are the way they are. Make the most of this quality and provide the answers to questions that your audience is looking for. 

Content idea 4: real stories and testimonials

Who doesn’t love a good example to substantiate a claim? Doesn’t it simplify everything instantly? Not only do real stories provide information, but they also have a gripping narrative. We are sure that you have all heard of ‘Humans of Bombay’ – the main idea here is to convey a message through a real-life story of real people. 

Try incorporating stories and testimonials into your content calendar, and your engagement will thank you in no time! 

Content idea 5: interviews

Interviews are another type of content that you can use to further diversify your content. Human beings are suckers for expert takes on any particular topic, and interviews offer exactly that. Plus, they are great for adding authenticity. 

It is far more convincing to hear about health and wellbeing from a doctor than from a regular person who has little background in medicine. Take Faye D’souza. The popular journalist routinely invites panellists to her show to share their expert opinions on ongoing issues in their respective fields. 

Her interview with a top AIIMS doctor, who answered multiple questions on the COVID-19 vaccine, immensely helped her followers make prompt attempts to get vaccinated.    

Content idea 6: product reviews

We personally love product reviews! Is there anyone who doesn’t? Who wouldn’t want to know all about a product before actually spending on it? Count us in, please! 

Not only do product reviews drive engagement, but they also help creators establish goodwill amongst their followers. But remember, it can be a double-edged sword. Post fake reviews or glowing reviews of products you don’t use or love, and followers will drop you like hot buns. 

Content idea 7: rants 

This one was probably on your list even before we said it. Rants are nothing but an exaggerated version of opinions. Rants are one of the most honest and relatable forms of content. So, it is impossible to go wrong with them. The only key is to get people to agree with you. If that’s something that you’re a pro at, then this type of content is your best friend! 

Content idea 8: personal stories

In a world where everything has become so mechanical and calculated, everyone loves a touch of humanity. While it’s a great idea to have an Instagram account that is a portfolio of your art, it is always nice to share a personal story or two. Believe us when we say that your community would love to know how you did what you did, what challenges you faced, and how you overcame them. It will amplify the loyalty and respect your audience has for you. 

Content idea 9: honest behind the scenes

It is natural to not feel your most confident self on some days. What if we told you that sharing your insecurities brings massive engagement? We are all human beings, and insecurities come as naturally to us as breathing. 

If you are feeling under-confident on a certain day, post about it. If a content idea fails, and you’re feeling low, publish it. Because there would be plenty of people feeling the same way at that moment. 

It is always comforting for the audience to know that people they look up to also have bad days. Not only will your audience resonate with you more, but it will also help you build an uplifting and collaborative community.  

That’s it, folks! 

Those were our 9 ideas for the type of content you can use to fill your calendar! We now pass the mic over to you. Tell us, what type of content works best for you?