How to style a white shirt 5 different ways? What to wear on a date night? How to tie a scarf like a pro? If you swipe through the lookbooks of fashion bloggers or Instagrammers, that’s what you get, a sea of sameness. That’s not to say that each fashion blogger is not unique in their own way. 

They are. Very much so. While one can teach you how to transform the white shirt into a dress, another can open your eyes to being casual with formal shirts.

The repetitiveness lies in the aspect of fashion they pick – apparels. For a field overflowing with glamorous and fascinating topics, it is surprising that bloggers haven’t explored more niches. 

That’s the topic du jour – avenues for fashion bloggers outside of the usual clothes. 

Fashion Blogging Niches: Creating Content Outside Of Clothes 

With lifestyle and fashion influencers growing like dandelions emerging out of immaculate lawns, it’s become more than evident that bloggers who focus on niche content have a higher chance of success. 

Think about it. 

What’s more plausible – monetising content that 100 people are uploading or content that only 2 bloggers are talking about? 

Digital ether has millions of blogs. You don’t want to get lost in the noise.  So, what’s the question worth your first Prada? How do you branch out and which content should you focus on?

Get Your Fab On

Randomly picking an area in fashion because no one else is blogging about is a #yuuge no. But why *whiny voice*? Didn’t we just say the opposite? 

Sort of. The key isn’t choosing any old niche topic. It’s picking a unique avenue, one you’re fabulous at. Being different than others works only if you provide value to your followers and work consistently at it. 

How does a fashion blogger achieve the lofty goal of consistency? By not giving up on the niche in a few weeks, which you will if you don’t love it. It is only when you are passionate about a topic that you blog effortlessly every week (or day or month).

Then Make It Beaut

How do you offer value to your audience? By publishing the most rad content your encephalon can manage. Incredible content that either make the reader go “oh, I didn’t know that” (i.e. new knowledge) or “oh, this style suits me too” (i.e. new perspective) should be your target. 

Typing a handful of sentences and tagging a few photos is not fashion blogging. It takes hard work, time investment and ingenuity. A successful blogger is one who makes the effort to help people genuinely. 

Also, while you’re creating great content, be ethical about it. Don’t push or promote a product merely because someone paid you to do so. Believe in the product before you offer it to your followers.

But Which Niche?

Now that the basics of niche fashion blogging are out of the way, we come to the crux of the matter. Which niche to select? The sky is indeed the limit in fashion blogging. Creating content that is #hatke takes only mixing and matching niches.  Here’s a teeny, tiny list of niches to get you started:

The Obvious Choices

  • Handbags: Luxury, Contemporary & Sale
  • Hats: Designer, New & Vintage
  • Sustainable & Ethical Garb
  • Jewellery & Accessories
  • Shoes: Women & Men
  • Luxury for less

The Not-So-Obvious Choices:

  • Eyewear
  • Lingerie: New & Vintage
  • Independent or Local Designers
  • Fashion Feminism & Body Image
  • Workwear: Corporate, Creative, Plus size & Maternity

The list is just a primer. When you sit down to explore the field of fashion, you’ll realise its vastness and the dearth of information in many areas.  

Not convinced? Search for affordable maternity wear that a woman can actually wear to an office. All you’ll find are limp shift dresses that hang like curtains on the body. 

We know that not every niche has the same opportunities. Case in point: blogging about luxury handbag on sale will get you much more traction than blogging about vintage hats. 

But, don’t despair. 

It’s your creative thinking that matters more. If you authentically feel that a hat ties together your #OOTD, then chances are your followers will be convinced too. And that’s what makes a difference – convincing your audience.

Move Beyond Basic Clothes, Find Your Blogging Niche

There are over 1 billion Instagram accounts in the world and more than 500 million blogs. Arguably, building a fashion blog is an overwhelming task. Yet, it is still very much possible to create your mark. 

All it takes is moving beyond the basic threads and finding a content niche. Remember, when people hunt for information online – they look for specific things and not abstract material.