Holi, the festival of colours, has always been a favourite of the people of India. Even the pandemic couldn’t dull its charm. This festival brings in lots of fun, masti, and an opportunity to create content that gets a bucket full of likes. 

From #OOTD ideas to mimicking, the list of options goes on forever. That’s why festive seasons are regarded as busy business hours for creators. Still short on Holi content ideas and unsure what to post on Instagram? We have some fun ideas for you.

What are the top holi content ideas to get maximum engagement?

Holi is right around the corner, and we can all feel the excitement in the air. All you gotta do is reflect this excitement in your posts. Top influencers have been using this strategy to create buzz around their content. So creators, if you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, check out these top 8 content ideas that you could post this Holi.

1. Outfit suggestions for Holi party

If you are a fashion or lifestyle influencer with an interest and talent in curating outfits, then why not go ahead and suggest some cool ideas for Holi parties! It is a festival known for meetups and fun celebrations where people put colour on each other. Hence, obviously, they will be looking for some beautiful outfit recommendations. This is your chance to tap into this need and gain a lot of engagement. 

2. Recommendation post on what delicacies to serve at Holi party

Food bloggers, this is your chance to swoop in, grab the opportunity with both hands, and suggest recipes for sweets and other Holi special food items. This festival of colours is incomplete without delicious food like ghujiyas and papad! As a host, people serve tasty dishes to their guests. And those who are visiting a friend, prefer to carry some delicacies to the party instead of going empty-handed. So overall, everyone is looking for ideas to liven up their party with some yummy food. 

3. Funny content around how people behave in Holi

This is a world of memes, and we are living in it. Satire videos imitating the behaviour of people are an extension of memes. They are now established as a new genre of social media content. Viral influencers like Dolly Singh and Kusha Kapila have been creating such videos for ages and garnering huge engagement. If you are someone with a funny bone, a bit of acting talent, and great observational skills, you can create fun videos on Holi too, in exchange for a lot of likes. 

4. Informational videos and posts on colours to buy

Playing with colours is the ultimate tradition of Holi, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, not all types of colours are suited for all types of people. Some of them have sensitive skin or allergies. But they want to play Holi too, and hence, naturally, they will be looking for the best options. Be their saviour, do a little research and recommend places to buy organic safe colours. And gain some loyal followers in the process. 

5. Social awareness messages on Holi

Now that water scarcity is hanging over our heads by a loose thread, we can’t afford the water wastage on Holi. Use the power of social media to spread this message to your followers. Everyone appreciates an aware and woke influencer. Also, you will be contributing to a noble cause. 

6. Talk about importance of Holi

Time and again, it is important to discuss our traditions and re-establish the reason why grand festivals like Holi exist. If you have an interest in and knowledge of the mythological importance of festivals, you can share it with your followers as well. But do thorough research and share only facts. Mention the credible source too, if possible. 

7. Posts and videos on unpopular Holi opinion

Unpopular opinions sell like hot cakes on social media. Each one of us has them, but not everyone is confident enough to share them. Well, success favours the brave-hearted. Leave all reservations aside, go ahead and share unpopular opinions with your followers. Either they will love it or hate it! Both ways, you will get publicity. 

8. Dancing reels on Holi songs

Who doesn’t love to see their favourite creators dancing to the party tunes! So, that’s our last Holi content idea. Get on your dancing shoes and give your followers a fun video filled with rhythm, fun, and celebration. You can also collaborate with other popular creators and choreographers for this. 

How to make the Holi content stand out?

Be authentic. 

Yes, as cliché as this sounds, it is one strategy that never fails. Whatever content you create, it should be something you believe in. Only then will your followers believe in you too. Also, check out these fun ideas on how to create timeless festival content. 

Now you know what type of content to post, get your creative hat on, make some creative content and paint your feed in the colours of joy!