For starters, let’s put it out there that we are all addicted to watching short-form videos. Lazily lying on the bed with Instagram or YouTube open and simply scrolling through the Reels or YT Shorts has become our favourite pastime! 

What are short-form videos and why are they a must for creators?

Short-form videos are any videos that are up to 2 minutes long. Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are some prime examples of them. They help you grab people’s attention quickly, and establish a relationship with your followers. 

Creating short-form videos is also a tried and tested way to grow your reach swiftly. But, producing new short-form videos every day can be quite time-consuming, especially with a full-time job or if you also have other content to shoot. 

6 tips and ideas on making short form videos

As a community of creators, we know time is always against you. It’s so much faster to make static posts than Reels or longer videos. So, here are some ideas on how you can create quality short-form content quickly! 

1. Optimise the video for different platforms 

Different platforms have different optimal dimensions. The majority of the platforms have the 16:9 ratio for short-form videos. However, the placement of text on the platforms might differ. 

When creating a video, make sure it is optimised for all platforms. For this, you can begin with an end in mind. Understand the placement requirements and the dimensions of the different platforms you want to post on, and plan your shots accordingly. This would be a great way to reach a wider audience while ensuring that you are posting on different platforms regularly. 

2. Create educational content 

People are always hungry to learn more. When there is a new piece of interesting information, everybody gets curious. You can use this human nature to your advantage! 

Plan out quick videos that give out small bits of interesting information. These could be:

  • Hacks you use
  • Something fascinating that you read
  • Or even a quick fact about your niche

These kinds of videos barely need any pre-production or post-production and can be used as a reserve for days when you don’t have any new content to post. 

3. Shoot BTS videos

Behind the scenes videos are a great way to get multiple short videos and long videos in one production setting

Moreover, to build a community, it is necessary for your followers to feel a sense of connection with you. BTS videos do that. They make your followers feel like they are getting something exclusive from you.

They also establish transparency between you and your followers. This transparency adds to their trust in you and is a great way to promote your branded content too!

4. Focus on the first few seconds 

The first few seconds of a video decide the fate of the content and if it will create high engagement. Make sure the first 3–7 seconds have attention-grabbing information and visuals that convey the right message. 

When creating short-form videos, try to make your videos shorter than one minute and focus on hooking your audience right from the get-go.

5. Make your videos aesthetically pleasing 

Arranging a proper lighting set up, getting a proper camera and setting the mic right can be time-consuming, they make a difference. In a situation where you barely have the time to shoot, setting up all this is impossible. 

This calls for working smart! If you shoot at home, make sure there is always a plain wall that you can use as a background. When choosing this wall, you have to keep in mind that the light is not against the wall and there is no clutter around. 

Having a special spot like this can cut down on your set-up time. If you don’t have a plain wall that has good lighting, investing in a ring light can go a long way! They are quick and easy to set up, and they enhance the quality of your videos. 

There are also multiple editing apps that you can use on your phone  to adjust the brightness, shadows, contrast, warmth, etc. of your short form videos. You can also add some pretty filters to give your video that extra oomph! 

6. Use trending music and add subtitles 

Whether you are reposting an old video or creating a new one, using trending sounds is a sure-shot way to ensure your video reaches more people. Why? Because the Instagram algorithm boosts them and music keeps people hooked.

It also makes your job as a creator easier, as now you don’t have to sit for hours looking for the right music, you can simply pick a trending one and plan your content around it. 

Adding subtitles is another great and quick way to make sure that your content reaches the maximum audience as it allows people to view the videos without sound. It also helps maintain clarity on what you are saying. You can also get creative with your subtitles and use them to get a “LOL” from your audience!

Always tell a story with short-form videos

Short-form videos are short and quick. Use this time wisely and make sure the information you are giving through your video tells a story. A good flow is important to ensure that your followers understand your message and stay engaged throughout the video.  

The stories do not have to be overly complicated or have high production values. They can be very simple and mundane. But, communicating it in the right way with the right creative flow can do wonders! 

There you have it, folks.

6 tips to create quality short-form videos while cutting down on the time needed! Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds?! 

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