NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are digital assets that have garnered enormous appeal globally. They are poised to become a more visible and successful endeavour for many Indian NFT artists and creators.

What are NFT marketplaces?

WazirX, Vibranium, and are three major NFT marketplaces in India. Over 1,600 creators are active on these platforms. These markets have only been around for a few months, yet they have already attracted a large number of digital artists.

These platforms enable creators to display their abilities and creativity while also earning a solid living. As a result, the NFT marketplace has turned into a solid career choice. 

Some of the top Indian digital artists working on NFTs

The NFTs are money-making engines, and people with fantastic creative abilities have established their foothold in this world. Here’s a look at some amazing Indian NFT artists for your inspiration. 

Indian NFT Artist #1. Vimal Chandran 


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Vimal Chandran is a visual artist from India who works in illustrations, photography, and cinema. His works are classified as Folk-Sci-Fi because they are inspired by native folk stories, pop culture, poetry, and childhood recollections. 

His deft blend of storytelling and craft is appreciated worldwide, and he has a large Instagram following of over 300,000 people. Explore his amazing Folk-Sci-Fi NFTs at WazirX- Vimal Chandran. 

Indian NFT Artist #2. Ravi Koranga 


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Ravi is a digital artist and illustrator with a wicked sense of humour and a twisted interest. His most popular NFT series is Dark Times 2020, which depicts the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

His contemporary art showcases reality, focusing on the Ukraine-Russia war and is very heartfelt. He is a phenomenal NFT artist with a lot of untapped potential.

To check out his soulful work on WazirX – Ravi Koranga

Indian NFT Artist #3. Tarini Khanna


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Tarini Khanna is a Delhi native who studied digital arts in Bangalore. She began sketching in her childhood as an outlet to emotions. Her artistic path has been highly versatile as she is constantly eager to try new things.

Her art is mainly about seeing the world through her eyes and producing something unique along the way. Her portfolio is far too diverse, with NFTs including dragons, tigers, sassy girls, Indian culture, and much more.

To view her flawless NFTs on WazirX, Tarini Khanna.

Indian NFT Artist #4. Dev Majmudar


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Dev is another excellent and ambitious NFT artist. His work demonstrates his abilities as trendy and fashionable. His NFTs feature science fiction, transparency, and 3-D imagery. He is most likely one of the few artists with more than 750 NFTs on WazirX.

To check out his creative work on WazirX – Dev Majmudar.

Indian NFT Artist #5. Shreya Daffney


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Shreya is a highly motivated artist and architect located in Udupi, India. She is constantly experimenting with artistic expression through her incredible sketches, paintings, and NFTs. 

She has an interest in ornithology, and tales and is exceptionally skilled and passionate about art. So much so that she teaches drawing to small children on weekends.

To check out her amazing cultural NFTs on WazirX – Shreya Daffney.

Indian NFT Artist #6. RG 


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Ramesh Gopal, often known as RG, is a brilliant artist and a pioneer in NFT and blockchain technology. He is also the originator of the Colours of India NFT

A lifetime artist with outstanding talents, he constantly pays attention to details and carves the simplest things around him into his work. Most of his works contain hidden meanings, making it unique and extraordinary.

To spot his easter eggs on WazirX –  RG.

Indian NFT Artist #7. Udit Kumar


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Udit Kumar is your man, if you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing and impressive Indian cultural NFTs. His work includes abstract painting, incorporating Indian cultural portrayals. He is a really distinctive and individual artist, with influences from Vincent, Warhol, and Sabet shining in his work.

To check his abstract NFTs on WazirX – Udit Kumar.

Catch the NFT wave before it’s too late

NFTs are booming and if you’re good at digital art and illustration, you should take advantage of the opportunity while it’s still early. Based on blockchain technology, it has enormous potential to skyrocket. Any digital artist or creator who works on NFTs can earn indefinitely.

Unsure of what NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and Web 3.0 mean for creators? Hop over here.