Only if every creator had Dr Strange’s Time Stone, they’d have more time in the day to manage content creation while working a full-time job. 

It’s pretty tricky. We give you that. 

But we spoke to several content creators who’ve juggled a 9-5 with their #thng and managed to do it flawlessly. Here are the tactics they share for balancing content creation with a full-time job.

8 ways to manage content creation with a full-time job

We’ve written about juggling content creation while working full-time before. In detail. The blog is particularly helpful if you’re still in college. Here, we add more ways to help you become an influencer. 

For clarity, we broke them down into two sections: getting things done and saving time.

1. Getting things done

a. Pre-plan your day

Choose activities that are simple, convenient, and require little time. Make a list of tasks that must be completed the next day before going to bed. Keep an eye on the list to make sure you’re on track.

b. Schedule your content creation

Each day, keep a window of roughly 30 minutes that is dedicated to content creation. Whatever genre – lifestyle, tech, NFTs – make sure during those 30 minutes you focus entirely on content and produce it with passion. 

Need tips? Here’s a course on how to schedule your work as a content creator to get the maximum out of your day/week.

c. Concentrate on one task at a time

Multitasking takes a toll on the quality of work and your mind. The trick to managing a full-time job with content creation is to work on just one content project at a time. 

By being focused on one, you guarantee that the content is made with care and that you have fun doing your #thng. When you spread yourself thin on many projects simultaneously, quality suffers. Always remember quality over quantity.

2. Saving time 

a. Outsource some tasks

With a full-time job in hand, you obviously have very little time for content creation. Consider working with other young creators on tasks like editing or captioning. Credit them when you post the content. Ask them to do the same. You not only save time but also get the benefits of cross-promotion (read: more reach)

b. Work from home

This may not be possible for everyone, but if your industry allows for remote employment, go for it. Why? Because it reduces commute time and gives you more time to pursue your passion.

c. Begin your day early

This is the most fundamental and necessary #thng you must do in order to thrive as a content creator while working full-time. Wake up early. It’s hard to do, but that 1 or 2 hours of free time when no phones are ringing or people clamouring for your attention is amazingly productive. Besides, having a steady sleep pattern is great for your health. Always, a plus!

d. Maintain accountability

Begin an accountability group. Gather some side-hustling or content creation buddies for a conversation, a review of progress, and to discuss objectives for the coming month. 

It’s an excellent method to bounce off ideas with those who are in the same boat as you while remaining on track with your goals. Develop and plan your objectives together.

Bonus tip: don’t neglect your personal life

Working full-time and managing content creation at the same time is a stressful undertaking. But don’t forget about your personal life. Make time to spend with friends, family, and yourself. This will keep you mentally healthy and allow you to focus on your objectives without stress or frustration.

Content creation while working full time? Don’t give up

Here’s a quick recap: organise your day, make a timetable, work on only one project at a time, get up early, outsource, WFH if feasible, and ultimately, be accountable.

And, oh, remember to have some fun!

Money and passion are all well and good, but the only way you can turn content creation into sustainable living is by enjoying it. So, we strongly recommend you select a niche that you love. 

It’ll not only improve your chances of success, but it will also relieve tension and allow you to enjoy the experience of managing content creation with a full-time job.