Influencer marketing is big. And we mean yuuuge. Brands are constantly on the lookout for creators who can help their products reach the right audience in the most creative way possible.  But for a budding and young creator finding collabs in your niche that actually pay money is not easy! So, we bring you a list. Yes, a whole list of brands looking for influencers to collaborate with!

What upcoming brands are looking for influencers for collaborations? 

1. Sprite

Who doesn’t love a good soft drink on hot summer days? And imagine how cool it would be if you got to collaborate with Sprite, one of the most popular soft drink brands. They are looking for influencers from food and related niches to create a buzz amongst people. 

2. Fateh Education

This organisation has been helping students get admission to foreign universities since 2004. Collaborating with this brand would be an exciting opportunity if a major chunk of your followers includes young students. 

3. Charmis

A skincare brand providing trusted solutions to various problems such as acne, dehydration, dullness, flakiness, etc, they’re looking for influencers in fashion, makeup, beauty, and lifestyle niche to collaborate with. 

Hop over to the DYT app to participate in the Charmis Campaign. In return, you not only get a free product, but also some money for all your efforts. 

4. Dermafique

A brand that combines skincare with technology is what people need in this world where AI is continuously evolving. Dermafique brings this highly advanced skincare solution to India. It is updated by dermatologists for Indian skin after conducting multiple tests and trials. Introducing this one-of-a-kind technology to fans will be an exciting opportunity for creators.

5. Tata Sampann

If you’re a cook, chef, or just a food content creator, Tata Sampann would be a good fit for you. A brand of Tata Consumer Products Limited, they make all kinds of staple foods and are looking for influencers with cooking skills. 

6. Tea Trunk

Tea lovers, this one’s for you! 

Tea Trunk makes authentic Indian tea leaves by blending them with natural and organic ingredients. It gives a refreshing taste and aroma to your favourite beverage. 

Tea Trunk aspires to get their healthy tea to as many people as possible. That’s why they are looking for aesthetic flatlay creators and skilled reel makers specialising in the food niche to showcase their beauty on the feed. 

7. Kesh Kanti

Kesh Kanti is the hair care product line of the well-known Patanjali brand by Yog Guru Baba Ram Dev. Their products are made from natural ingredients and are known to have minimal to zero side effects. They recently launched a premium expert hair oil that nourishes hair and helps with its healthy growth. 

Influencers from the fashion, lifestyle, and beauty niches are welcome to collaborate with them and help them expand the reach of the product in exchange for monetary incentives. 

8. Aditya Birla Health Insurance

It is a well-known health insurance provider in India looking for lifestyle and finance creators to expand its reach. 

9. Royal Sundaram

An emerging brand in the insurance sector, Royal Sundaram General Insurance provides all types of insurance services to people at an affordable rate. 

Whether it is car, travel, or business insurance, they have a policy for you. It aims to make insurance a hassle-free process and a basic amenity in India.

Since their product line is wide and appeals to people from all sectors, influencers of all niches can collaborate with them and educate their audiences about the importance of getting insurance. 

10. Gujarat Titans

Cricket fans assemble! Gujrat Titans, one of the 8 IPL teams, is looking for influencers to collaborate with. Formed in 2021 and debuting this year, the team has some big names associated with it. So, if you are a cricket enthusiast, collaborate with the Gujarat Titans and get paid for supporting players like Hardik Pandya, Rashid Khan, Shubham Gill, Mohammad Shami, Matthew Wade, David Miller, and Wriddhiman Saha.

11. Panasonic

Who hasn’t heard about Panasonic and its iconic, high-quality gadgets! Currently, it is looking for bloggers to review various soundbar ranges. Creators can expect full product reimbursement and payout based on the number of followers from this collaboration. 

12. Healthkart

If you are an advocate of a healthy lifestyle and promote physical as well as mental well-being, then you’re the influencer Healthkart is looking for. It offers a comprehensive range of health and fitness products for youngsters. From biotin to SRC, you will find a medical solution to all your problems. Reach out to them via DYT and get monetary benefits for promoting what you already love. 

13. Amaara Herbs

Amaara Herbs is known for different varieties of herbal teas suited for every tea lover’s needs. Ashwagandha, Goksura, Brahmi, and Shatavari are some of the popular names among their wide range of varieties. 

And they are on the lookout for influencers who can create awareness about how healthy their product is and how it is unique. In return, you will get free samples and payout depending on the number of followers. 

14. BIBA

Fashion influencers, here’s an exciting opportunity for you. BIBA, a well-known fashion brand making statements about traditional wear, is looking for creators. If you love styling and dressing, this brand would be the right fit for you. 

How to find brands looking to collaborate with influencers? 

The traditional way is to reach out to the brands via email or social media, at the risk of never getting a response. 

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