They say there’s no better way to learn than to learn from the best. So, who can be better to teach the ropes of content creation than those who’ve been there, done that and reached stunning heights?

That’s why we started the #DecodingInstagramHandles series. Over the course of a year, we’ve dissected the Instagram accounts of:

We know. 

Long list.

And we’re adding another one today: Radhika Seth – Indian model, dancer, and fashion blogger. 

Content tips for Instagram from Radhika Seth’s account

Radhika Seth began her acting career in 2014 with the short drama-family film Muffin. Then she appeared in L’Oréal Paris, HP, and more brand ads before landing one of the key roles in the Indian version of Netflix’s Call Me Agent.

The creator and YouTuber is proof positive that hard work and consistency pay off. With that, let’s get to decoding her Instagram handle for content tips.

Keep grinding and wait for that turning point

Radhika began her acting career about a decade ago, but her Instagram handle is just around a year old. Moral: it takes a lot of behind the scene grind to grow. But it always produces results.

Hard work and devotion to content are the keys to growing as a creator. So, do keep grinding, but keep in mind that there will come a point where everything shifts to sixth gear. 

For Radhika, it was landing a role in Call Me Agent. For you, it could be a reel, video, or tweet that boosts your social media presence to a whole new level. And if you need help, the DYT community is just a DM away.

Keep it real

Social media is a vast space where people love to show off things. That strategy rarely works for aspiring creators. Be like Radhika and keep #thngs authentic. Like her content, employ minimal filters and always express your true self, even when she shared a heartfelt video on being attacked:

Tip for travel content creators

One of the niches Radhika creates content on is travel. The content tip we take away from her handle for travel bloggers is to take your time posting. You don’t have to post 1 video every week. 

Invest in creating kicka$$ content, even if it means sharing 1 video a month, as Radhika does. The rest of the time, intersperse your content with other topics.

Versatility is the key

Creating content on a single topic will ultimately bore your audience. Therefore, versatility is essential. Radhika Seth’s Instagram handle reveals that her content is a combination of numerous things, and she enjoys trying something new.

Fashion posts, workout postings, make-up tips, travel posts, advertisements, her family, and pets can all be found on her Instagram account. 

As a result, it serves as a comprehensive destination for everything her fans want, which makes it more engaging. But here’s a caveat: don’t spread yourself too thin trying to create content on different topics. 

Get to know your target audience

The last content tip we gleaned from Radhika’s Instagram is to recognise and understand your target audience. She knows for her that’s young people, aka the youth. 

To find out who sees and engages with your content the most, use Instagram analytics. Go to the audience insights section to find the male/female split as well as their demographics, and it will do wonders for your growth!

A final content tip from our end

Radhika Seth has blossomed and amassed a sizable fan base in the past few months. Decoding her Instagram handle made that obvious based on the engagement on her older posts. 

So, never give up on the grind, and keep it honest. Experiment with Instagram’s different features and inject confidence into your content.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Start using these content ideas to increase your Instagram reach.