Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of Instagram Reels.

And if you’re a creator, you’ve probably heard of trending songs on Instagram Reels today. And if you’re an Indian creator, then you’ve also heard or searched for trending Hindi songs on Instagram Reels.

Hindi music has become a topic du jour for creators not just in India but elsewhere too. Take this US brand, for example. They love creating Reels with popular Hindi songs like  this.

What exactly are Instagram Reels?

Before we dive into our list of popular Instagram Reels Hindi songs in 2022, let’s get the basics out of the way. Instagram Reels are short and brief videos of up to 60 seconds. They allow you to exhibit your creativity while also bringing your content to life. Followers love to watch reels (often repeatedly). So if you’re not already investing in them, start doing it now.

Reasons why creators must use Instagram Reels

Increase your engagement

We’re all growing tired of seeing the same photographs on Instagram over and over again. Reels are not only quick, but also catchy, amusing, and really delightful to watch when done well. Mix it all together and people love to engage with them.

Expand your reach

The Reel feed keeps delivering material that you can’t ignore. Instagram automatically shows Reels similar to the one a user is watching. So while static posts or even regular videos have limited reach, Reels have more because they show up on the Explore page.

Be on the explore page

Don’t waste time looking for the proper hashtags for your content. Instagram actively favours Reels, making it simpler than ever to help you make it onto the Explore tab.

Popular Instagram Reels Hindi songs you can use in 2022 

Desi girl

The song “Desi Girl” never gets old. It is one of those songs that has been regarded as a masterpiece since its inception. It’s recently returned to popularity, and Dolly Singh absolutely killed this reel by dancing on it with her mother. Check out her IG feed  for this reel.

I’ll be there for you x woh din

Friends is a gem of a series, and its theme song is beloved by people all over the world. The combination of “I’ll be there for you” with the Hindi twist of “woh din” makes for a pretty enjoyable clip. It’s a reel that you can use with your trip photos, nostalgic photos/videos, and so much more.

Phir se ud chala

Phir se ud chala is one of those tunes that gets you in the mood. No doubt it is one of the trending songs on Instagram Reels even today. Mohit Chauhan’s voice and travel content combine for a fantastic reel.

Zaalima (LoFi)

You can listen to Zaalima by Arijit Singh and Harshdeep Kaur at any time, and it will instantly make you feel great. The (LoFi) version of this popular Instagram Reels song by Rik Beatz is now going viral. You can simply put together a well-crafted reel and let your creativity go wild with this tune.

Iktara acoustic cover

Officialsumonto’s acoustic rendition of Iktara, the song from Wake Up Sid, is now spreading like wildfire on Instagram Reels. This is one of those tracks that allows you to make a Reel with any kind of vibe you want. It’s become quite popular, with some videos receiving over 5 million views.

Dil luttiya 

Dil Luttiya by Jazzy B and Apache Indian never gets old. People will go crazy if you play it during a wedding or a party. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that it’s one of the trending Punjabi songs on Instagram Reels in 2022. Creators are receiving a lot of attention with this reel as they put their creativity into it with transitions. 


The song from the 2013 film Shudh Desi Romance, Gulabi, is truly exquisite. People are using it to acquire traction. From trips to parties, from food blogs, to outfit checks, this trending Hindi song on Instagram Reels is making it everywhere. 

KGF Chapter 2 dialogue trance

Our last pick of Hindi songs trending on Instagram Reeks is an audio clip. Made by Sabdar Music, the KGF chapter 2 dialogue trance is an excellent dialogue to utilise in your reels right now. Execute it correctly, and the Reel will undoubtedly garner you a lot of attention.

Trending hindi reels on Instagram  today


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Go on and use these trending Hindi songs on Instagram Reels today

That’s it, folks! 

That was our list of popular Hindi songs for Instagram Reels. Got your own favourite? Drop a reel to it in the comments or better yet, tag us on your Instagram and if we love it, we might just give you a shout-out.