TL; DR: What To Post is a new series that offers cheat sheets for social media content. We’re starting with the June 2022 content calendar, filled with ideas on what to post for the month. Download it, pin it, or bookmark it. Just keep it handy for reference!

We’re not ashamed to admit it. Half of the DYT team is made up of creators with marginal talent but caviar dreams. So, we do our mostest to help other creators reach greater heights. #LivingVicariously

This new series, What To Post, is part of that effort.

Every month, we’ll be sharing a content calendar that you can use to post on your social media. Why? Because no creator ever said, “I don’t need no content ideas.”

June 2022 social media content calendar for creators

You can use our June 2022 content calendar in all sorts of ways.

  • You can stick to one theme for 30 days. For instance, June is Pride Month. It’s also “adopt a cat” month and “great outdoors” month in the US. But if you’re into it, don’t let that dim your creativity.
  • You can also create content for individual special days in June. For example, if you advocate sustainability in all chapters of your life, post about World Environment Day on 5th.
  • On the other hand, if you’re a comedian or comic creator, pick wacky days, like National Statistics Day on 29th June, to make fun posts and engage your audience.
  • Then there is the usual content idea of making a big splash for well-loved and well-known days like Father’s Day on 19th June!

So, without further ado, here’s the social media content calendar for June 2022. Download it, bookmark it, or pin it to keep the cheat sheet for what to post handy for reference.

Social Media Content Calendar 2022

How to use our June content calendar for your social media?

There are no hard and fast rules or do’s or don’ts in content creation. So, don’t take our content calendar for June 2022 as something you have to strictly adhere to.

Think of them as bumpers. A lot can happen between two bumpers, but they help you stay in the right lane. If you do decide to use our social media calendar to fuel your content, keep these #thngs in mind:

  • Pick days that your community can relate to and that are somehow connected to your content niche.
  • We’re a mighty team, but still a small and human one. Dumb #thngs happen. So, always double-check the days and dates.
  • This is by no means an exhaustive list of special days in June. Feel free to do your own research and add to it.
  • Regional content sells, so don’t be shy about posting it. Add in local events and holidays unique to your location, like Bada Mangal in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. It is a great way to build community.
  • And when you’re fresh out of any ideas, simply post a quote that relates to the day in question and be done with it!

More content ideas for the June 2022 calendar

We say adios with 2 kicka$$ content ideas for the June 2022 content calendar.

June is the 6th month. Use that number for all your content. Think: 6 #OOTDs, 6 ways to help the environment, and 6 favourite creators to follow. You get the picture.

30th June is World Social Media Day, and no content creator can afford to sleep on it. It’s your #thng, after all. You have more than a month to plan something for #SocialMediaDay, so make it big!

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