TL;DR: Packing tips, BTS, best places to eat, best places to click photos, throwbacks, how to reach unexplored destinations, packing hacks, flight tips. There are endless travel content ideas for Instagram that creators can use to boost engagement.

Even with a folder of content ideas, and a Pinterest board filled with pinned photos and videos, it’s still a challenge to come up with fresh and new travel content ideas for Instagram.

While keeping an eye ? on other travel content creators is a kicka$$ way to know what’s trending, it’s not too great an idea for original content. So, as always, we’re happy to serve some piping hot stuff. 

Travel content ideas for Instagram creators

Pin it, save it, screenshot it, memorise it, whatever. Just save these travel content ideas for Instagram for the future because you’re gonna need them! 

1. Share a useful tip

While Instagram is all about aesthetics, most people use it to get information. And if you’re offering expert advice on anything, people will welcome it with open hands. 

So, that is the first travel content idea. We know it sounds cliched. But it works really well. Share expert advice based on your travel experience.

Let’s say you’ve recently been to the Maldives. Talk about the best beaches, and what to wear to one of the best sunscreens to protect your skin.

2. The best places for photography

Instagram-worthy. Instagrammable. 

There is a reason these words exist and it’s because people love to take and share photos of gorgeous, weird and unique places. So that’s the next idea for travel content creators. 

Upload images of the best place to photograph for each of your destinations. Don’t forget to tag the location in your post so your community knows exactly where to visit when they land in the same location. 

The crooked house

Source: Pinterest

3. Share facts about places you visited

Every traveller wants to know hidden or unknown facts about a place. It’s informative and entertaining content. 

4. Give travel health tips

Create a list of travel health tips and share it on Instagram. For example, you can advise your audience about staying hydrated if they are planning a vacation during the summers.

5. Invite your audience to an event

This travel content idea is for creators with a global audience. Let your audience know that you’d be visiting a local event in the city you’re travelling to. Ask them to drop by and say hello!

6. Make your audience laugh

Travel creators, all your content ideas need not be informative. Let your funny side out. Share a meme or humorous picture related to the destination. Or, even bloopers and BTS of your videos and Reels.

7. Outfit details for the win

If you’re dressing up well during your travels, don’t miss a chance to click a photo and share it on Instagram. Yes, this content idea works for both fashion and travel bloggers. 

8. Give flight/flying tips

As a traveller, you’re a pro at flying. Share it with your community. Give advice on how to survive a long-haul flight, sleep in flight, or tips on how to make flying easy for jittery travellers. Just because it seems obvious or simple to you doesn’t mean every person would know the trick.  

9. Suggest meaningful travel hacks

This content idea for Instagram never gets old. And you can plumb it to its depth and still never run out of ideas. From what gear to carry while travelling to how to save money on travel, from equipment and camera you use to travel hacks for comfort, there’s plenty you can share. Make it informative and relevant content.

Travel plan guide

Source: Pinterest

10. Collaborate with a creator in another country

Collaborating with other creators or influencers is another kicka$$ travel content idea to boost engagement. Maybe you can do an Instagram live session to discuss travel hacks and each other’s experiences?

11. List travel blogs you love to read

This travel content idea doesn’t really involve travelling. Unless you count digitally. Curate a list of your favourite blogs and share it with your community. You can do them around themes, such as best travel photography blogs or best digital nomad blogs, etc.

12. Share behind the scenes

Your audience on Instagram always sees the final image. They don’t know all that goes into creating travel content. Use the opportunity to post behind the scenes of your travel photography with details on which camera and props you use, and how lighting affects the final image or video. 

13. Share your opinion – always

If something is happening in the travel industry and you have your opinion, don’t hesitate to share it on your social media handle. However, make sure you don’t fall into any trap of controversy.

14. Offer travel budgeting tips

This is one of the most discussed topics in travel content and an evergreen one. The idea here is to create a list of the trending questions, do a live session on Instagram and share your answers. At the close of the session, invite your community to ask questions about travelling.

15. Post your favourite quotes

Today, with the availability of tons of online tools like Canva, it is easy to create quotes and post them on your Instagram. Look for funny, quirky or motivational quotes online and slap them on the best of your travel photographs or GIFs!

16. Share a unique experience

If you recently visited a place where your experience has been great, you can share it with your followers. 

Let’s say you have visited the Palm Springs Aerial in California. You can share your experience of travelling in a tramway at 8,500 feet from the ground. You can also share valuable information and facts like – the tram floats over Chino Canyon and is the only rotating tram car in the Western hemisphere.

17. Give packing tips

There’s a high chance that some of your audience is first-time travellers. Create an Instagram reel of 30-40 seconds, giving quick tips on how to pack items for vacation.

Travel packing tips

Source: Pinterest

18. Best food to try

Food and travel content go hand in hand. If you visit a place where the food is super-delicious, tell your community about it. FYI, this will need homework on your part. Research popular dishes of the destination before you travel so you can actually post the content.

19. Tips for visiting the unexplored destinations

Some destinations truly fall into the road-less-travelled category.  You can advise your audience about how to reach these places, and where to stay. FYI, the reverse also applied. If a destination is overcrowded, talk about the best time to visit them. It’ll give your audience a moment to click that Instagrammable photo before the hordes descend. 

20. Give a throwback

Can a list of travel content ideas even end without a #TBT? When you run out of fresh content or ideas, share your old travel photos. Dig deep into your gallery. Find one that you never posted and share it.


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