When you can do thngs right, do them yourself. But when it can be done better, invest in a professional. Just like you use a hairstylist to cut your hair or paint your home, influencers should hire a photographer to get high-quality content. 

We know iPhones and few basic photography skills have made it easy to click photos that look no less than professional. But when you want to take your content creation to the next level and reach brands out of your reach, a professional photographer becomes a must

Know why influencers should hire a photographer

If you’ve ever tried to capture an image in a precarious pose or a picture that’s clear in your mind but absolutely fails to translate into reality, you already know why a professional photographer is a must. 

It’s frustrating to click the same thng from 100 angles and lighting and fail to get even 1 Instagram-worthy post. But if luck has favoured you and you haven’t lived through the frustration, here’s why hiring a photographer for your content is an investment. 

Talent and skill

Professional photographers are highly skilled and talented individuals who can help you improve your branding by creating unique visions and stories. They also provide personalisation based on the specific needs and preferences of the brand campaign you’re working on.

Explores creative sides

Photography is an art and it needs more than a camera, a tripod, and a ring light. To create content that captivates your followers and brings real engagement, your posts need to have a creative dimension. That’s what a professional photographer brings to the table. 

Their practical knowledge mixed with experience and artistic eye can help make the most of location and photoshoot. 

High-resolution images

Professional photographers use advanced and high-functioning cameras, clicking higher resolution and sharper images than your smartphone. Even an iPhone 13 Pro.

Moreover, they have the experience to edit those photos to amazing high-quality images, making them more visually appealing and impressive to post on social media.

Staying true to your personal branding

Because they handle everything from taking pictures to editing them, professional photographers demonstrate complete responsibility and efficiency. Not only do you get a cache of content on time, but it’s also true to your personal branding.

They know your style and ensure that they use proper lighting, directing and posing to your personal voice, tone and aesthetic shine. 

Editing skills

A good professional photographer will always do their best to produce a stunning result. A true photographer understands that editing a photograph does not imply distorting reality with over-filtered effects. It’s a subtle contrast here and a touch of colour there that works excellently. 

By hiring a photographer, you can transform your content into a beautiful work of art that has a positive and realistic impact on your audience.

Directing and posing

With the right direction, the whole process of content creation can become more lively, turning your content more beautiful & attractive. Think plan-did (a true planned but candid moment captured).

Also, professional photographers take care of posing because they know what looks good on cameras and guide you accordingly. They also make sure that the poses are fresh and non-repetitive to your past posts. 

Focus on what you love best

Influencers have the responsibility of arranging everything for their shoots. From ideation to outfit to editing, that can take a toll leading to sub-par content.

When you hire a photographer, you don’t have to worry about anything, and you can just be in the moment, and focus on what you love best. 

Lighting effects

Creators chase the golden hour and the blue hour to get the best and most natural images while doing your photo shoot. You won’t have to worry about lighting or waking up at the crack of dawn if you hire a photographer. They understand how much light is required, and how to capture it at any time of the day or night to create stunning content.

Camera settings

Aside from expertise and aptitude, the knowledge of camera settings is another reason influencers should hire a professional photographer. Aperture, shutter speed, HDR/DRO, and every other tiny detail matters when you want to stand out from other creators.

So, where can influencers hire a photographer?

Capture the real moments, sustain the memory forever”.

When you start your creator journey, taking your own photos is the smart choice. But when you’ve reached a stage where brand campaigns have stalled because of your content quality or you simply want to monetise more, hiring a professional photographer becomes a must. 

But where do you find one? On DYT Pro!

Go to the Tools section and from there on the Resources tab. It has whole lists of photographers, editors, makeup artists and more looking to collaborate with other creators.