When it comes to earning, influencers think of Instagram or YouTube. Without a doubt, both platforms help creators make a living, but it’s podcasting that is gaining traction on the scene. For a long time, it has slipped under the radar, but now every influencer is making a podcast. Here’s why you should start one too.

What really is a podcast?

A podcast is a set or series of digital audio recordings that can be downloaded or listened to over the Internet. Each podcast episode is usually hosted by one or more people who conduct a conversation, tell anecdotes, or report the news. The person creating them is known as a podcaster.

4 reasons for an influencer to start making a podcast

1. You have something to say about a topic, but it’s too long for Instagram

Bemoan as we may, Instagram is pushing shorter content and more visual content. Short-form content is not a great format when you have a highly fascinating and enticing topic to discuss. 

YouTube is the obvious alternative, but it requires all sorts of skills, like producing and editing videos. That’s where making podcasts swoops in. It allows you to express your opinions, no matter how long they are, without needing to create professionally produced videos.

2. You’re looking for a simpler content format

As effortless as it may seem, making a reel or a YouTube video with transitions is not easy. In fact, it’s a miracle, and hats off to every creator who does it successfully. You have to take care of lighting, editing, and a slew of other #thngs.

Making a podcast is a lot simpler. Yes, you need a script and some audio editing, but it can be done even by an amateur with the right equipment. FYI, the equipment doesn’t cost as much compared to what you need for YouTube. And the time investment is lower. Plus, it is far easier to pour all your thoughts into a mic than into an image.

3. You can create an entire series of your content

Think of it like bingeing on a TV series. If you have a topic, a tale, or a subject that can be broken down into episodes and compiled into a season, go for podcasting.

4. You can earn more with podcasts

Podcasts have a huge potential for monetisation. More brands are realising that people who listen to podcasts have a higher chance of turning into paid customers. It’s why podcast advertising rates are climbing. On top of that, you can play more than 1 ad in an episode. On YouTube, you can add only 1 mid-roll ad if your video is longer than 8 minutes.

So, with podcasts, not only can you charge more to run an ad, you can run multiple of them. In a 30-minute episode, you can earn from 2 to 4 sponsored ads. 

The 4 most popular podcast influencers in India for inspiration

Inspired to start a podcast? Here are a few podcast influencers in India that are a great starting point for you to learn. 

1. Ranveer Allahbadia

The Ranveer Show, one of India’s most famous podcasts, is presented by Ranveer Allahbadia, commonly known as Beer Biceps, a YouTuber and influencer. His podcast covers a variety of themes, including lifestyle, health, fitness, career advice, and encouragement.

From A.R. Rahman to Arnold Schwarzenegger, he has hosted several Indian and international celebrities from various professions on his podcast. You can click here to check out his podcast on Spotify.

2. Mithilesh Patankar

Mithilesh Patankar, also known as gamer ‘Mythpat,’ founded and hosts the Mythpat podcast. This gaming podcast covers everything in the gaming business and on the internet. 

He entertains and educates with conversations with prominent gamers and influencers in weekly episodes. He also offers advice on how to be a great creative and provides a glimpse into the life of an influencer by discussing his own experiences.

You can click here to check out his podcast on Spotify.

3. Raj Shamani

Raj Shamani hosts a podcast on establishing businesses and brands, in which he shares his own experiences as an entrepreneur and content developer. He chronicles his problems, and failings while pursuing his business path and eventually achieving success through his podcast.

Click here to listen to his podcast on Spotify.

4. Mae Mariam Thomas

Maed in India, the first Indie music podcast in India, is hosted by Mae Mariam Thomas and features the greatest Indian independent performers from around the country and beyond. Each episode of Maed in India features a different artist/band, as well as an exclusive stripped-down session or acoustic interpretations of their original songs.

The weekly broadcast is well-known for being one of the greatest places to discover new music and stories. It includes performers and music styles ranging from hip hop to folk, and also everything in between.

Click here to listen to her podcast on Spotify.

Every creator is making a podcast. What are you waiting for? 

Making a podcast is the latest craze because it is simple, straightforward, and profitable for creators. But we will say this, it’s not easy to promote podcasts. 

Unlike Reels, which people can stumble upon because of Instagram’s algorithm, you have to actively work on promoting your podcast (click that link for tips). Audiograms are an outstanding way, and you can use Spotify’s Anchor to create them

So, what are you waiting for? Start doing your thng! if you need a podcast for creators and content creation, we’ve got you: