Is investing in Instagram influencer marketing worth it? 

More than 79% of brands consider Instagram the most important social media platform. 4 out of 5 brands leverage it for influencer marketing. 

Yes, Instagram influencer marketing is worth investing in. Every buck, regardless of the size of your business.

Build an Instagram influencer marketing strategy that brings in real leads

Brands, even as established as Revlon, are struggling to get noticed. The old way of marketing just doesn’t cut it. This is where Instagram influencer marketing kicks in. 92% of users trust an influencer on Instagram more than paid ads or celebrity endorsements. 

That’s the power of digital word-of-mouth.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean brands can use the “let’s throw it on the wall and see what sticks” approach. With that, we give you the 4 steps crucial to an Instagram influencer marketing strategy that brings in quantifiable leads.

1. Identify and define the campaign goals

Life without goals is like a race with no finish line; you are just running to nowhere. 

– Reece Sims. 

Setting clear goals will help you reach the right audience via the right influencer. So, the first step in your influencer marketing strategy is finding the answers to:

  • What kind of influencer do you need? 
  • What do you want them to do for you? 
  • What’s your marketing goal: brand awareness, sales, website traffic, or audience building?

These answers can determine which influencer will generate better outcomes for your campaign.

2. Work with micro-influencers

A large number of followers isn’t always better. If an influencer has more than 500k followers on Instagram, and their Instagram engagement rate is middling at 1%, you’re not going to generate leads.

Consider approaching micro-influencers. Compared with macro-influencers, they have a high engagement rate. Whether you plan to launch new products or want to boost sales of existing products, working with smaller Instagram influencers can help you achieve significant milestones.

3. Leverage reviews from influencers

Getting reviews from influencers can help you earn credibility and trust from your customers. How? Run a sampling influencer marketing campaign where you offer free products to your chosen influencers in return for an honest review.

Another option is to share a discount code or an affiliate link with the influencer to include in their Instagram posts. It’s the best way to encourage followers to make a purchase and boost sales.

What’s even better is that you can ask the influencers to share video reviews of how the product works. Nothing generates leads like a video content strategy!

4. Give freedom to your influencers

A pro creator knows how to boost their engagement rate. When collaborating with influencers, clearly communicate your goals but let them use their creativity. It makes the content authentic, and over 86% of consumers say that authenticity helps them decide which brands they like. 

So, where should you start with Instagram influencer marketing?

Instagram influencer marketing is a powerful tool. It can generate incredible results, but only with the right strategies in place. 

So, how to get started? With creator discovery. 

You can do it manually:

  • By looking for nano and micro-influencers in the follower list of your brand’s social handles
  • Search for creators who worked for your competitors and reach out to them
  • Use industry-related hashtags on social media to find creators who frequently share high-quality UGC

You can automate it. 

Influencer marketing platforms make it easy to discover the right creators for your brand based on keyword and personality-based matches. 

Want a demo of what finding a community of engaged creators (in minutes) for your brand looks like?

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