If you use Instagram as a creator, getting locked out of your account is one of the worst #thngs that can happen to you. You can not only lose access to it for days but also lose the trust your audience places on you. So, here’s how to stop your Instagram account from being hacked (and what to do if it is). 

5 thngs to stop your Instagram account from being hacked

It doesn’t take a lot to make your Instagram account safe and secure, so long as you practice these steps.

1. Pick a strong password

As much as you may think that adding numbers and symbols next to your name is a strong password, it isn’t. A good password, one that will stop your Instagram from being hacked, uses a combination of upper and lower case letters, special characters, and numbers. 

  • It’s not easy to remember, so it’s hard for people to guess what it might be. 
  • If you have more than 1 Instagram account, use a different password for each.
  • Use a password generator like LastPass to create one.
  • Use a password manager to keep all your passwords secure (and not have to remember them all). 

2. Turn on two-factor authentication  

Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA creates an extra layer of security for your Instagram account by mandating you to enter an additional code when logging in from a new device or after resetting your password. 

You can enable 2FA directly from the settings option within Instagram. This makes it harder for someone else to hack into it because they would need your password and a code to log in.

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3. Monitor third-party apps

As a creator, you’ve likely linked your Instagram to many other apps. Most of these would be secure, like DYT. (Psst: Did you know we have an ISO certificate that proves we keep all your data private and secure?)

But there would be some that would not be safe. Think of how often you’ve logged in with your Instagram account to shop for a product and then forgotten about it? 

Such apps can easily access your private information like passwords, account details, etc. So, the next step to stopping your Instagram account from being hacked is to disable it.

Go to your account, then Settings, then Security, then Apps and Websites.

4. Avoid clicking on phishing links

Social engineering, tricking people to reveal personal information, is real. That’s how phishing happens. These links appear legit, but they lead you to malicious websites designed to steal credentials. So, how do you prevent your account from being hacked with these?

  • You learn to spot them. Instagram will never slide into your DMs. They will email you. If you find a DM that looks like it is from the platform, avoid it like the plague.  
  • If Instagram wants to reach you, they do so via the ‘Emails from Instagram’ tab in your settings. 


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5. Keep a check on your login activity 

If someone tries to log into your account without permission, it will show up in the activity log of Instagram. You’ll see their IP address, location, and date when they tried logging in. When you know it is not you, immediately report it to Instagram so that they can take action against them.

How to recover a hacked Instagram account?

If your account does end up getting hacked, you can recover it. But, and this is a big one, it’s a tedious process that Instagram explains in full here. The gist is:

Change your password

The vital #thng you should do is change your Instagram password. Make sure the new password is completely different from the old one. 

Check your email 

If you are completely locked out of your account, check your email for any messages. Then follow the instructions on how to recover your account. If there is no message from Instagram yet, send an email stating that your account has been hacked and asking them what steps to take next.