Always wondered how influencers make money on social media or online? Well, the short answer is through their content. The longer one needs a bit of background.

When we recognise our talent, our passion, our #we become conscious of the fact that we can earn money from it and social media is the best platform for that now. 

The most common way influencers make money online is by collaborating with brands. A brand pays the creator to post about their product or service on their social accounts, with the expectation that the creator’s followers will either become aware of the brand or purchase the product or service. 

How exactly do influencers make money from social media and networking? 

Brand campaigns are not the only way influencers earn money, but it is the most prevalent, so we begin with it.

1. Sponsored posts


Many brands approach influencers to promote and sponsor their products. This is known as “sponsored posting.” You can either charge for the static post, video, Reel, Shorts, tweet, etc. that you create or get a commission for each sale your content makes. 

2. Affiliate marketing

Besides collaborating with various brands to boost sales and viewership of the brand’s content, creators can earn money through affiliate marketing.

In every field, some people act as links to connect a buyer and a seller, and in return, they earn profits from the seller in the form of commission. In digital marketing, this term is referred to as affiliate marketing. 

Influencers post a code, coupon, or reference link in their content which redirects a reader or viewer to a website from where they can directly purchase the mentioned product. 

The influencer gets a specific amount every time someone buys after clicking the link or using the coupon. The most common and widely accepted program that uses this method is Amazon affiliate marketing.

3. Display ads

Influencers who have a blog rather than just social media handles, a good way to earn is display ads. This approach to making money can also be used by YouTube influencers. Called CPC or cost per click, with it, the influencer gets paid for every click on the ad shown on your blog or YouTube video. 

4. Sell your content or product

Social media is a great platform to sell your products as well. If you love arts and crafts, you can effectively sell them to your audience on social media. 

Similarly, you can sell your content. For example, book lovers can earn money by charging money to review them. For more experienced creators, another way to earn money through their content is by selling courses, ebooks, and other resources. 

Looking for more ways influencers can make money?

There are tons of ways to generate an income through your passion and content. And yes, we mean besides sponsored posts. For Twitter, it can mean using the Tip Jar or newsletter feature. For Twitch, it means using Bits.

But all of it comes down to content. It should be of good quality and relevant to the community. Once an influencer masters it, earning a sustainable living becomes easier. 

And if you’re worried about the number of followers you have and how it will affect your ability to make money, remember, dear aspiring creators, all the ones with millions of followers today started with a hundred.