Thinking about adopting a sustainable lifestyle? Looking for motivation to go green? These zero-waste influencers from India (and a few from beyond) will give you all the encouragement you need to live an organic life.

1. Anya Gupta


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Anya Gupta’s page is dedicated to promoting organic fashion brands. She is a farmer and owner of Aura Life, a private farm for sustainable living in Chandigarh. She also runs a great thrift store, if you are a sustainable fashion influencer in India looking for one. Her content is full of helpful reviews and DIY tips on a green lifestyle and going zero-waste. 

2. Natasha Sood 


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Natasha Sood will never fail to amaze you with out-of-the-box tips on how to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. She may not be one of the most followed environmental influencers on Instagram, but her feed is informative, bold, and inspiring. 

The owner of a content design studio for artisanal brands who believe in sustainability and being eco-friendly shares a lot about how to practice nature-based living. From refillable cosmetic brands to homemade zero-waste ideas, you’ll find it all. 

3. Karuna Ezara Parekh

If you’re looking for one of the top environmental influencers in India, look no further than Karuna. Her original followers would know that her vision is to protect our environment from harmful pollutants and plastics. That’s why she co-founded The Burlap People

Today, the poet and activist uses her page for a lot of #thngs, but the underlying thread is living consciously to preserve our nature. So, even when she collaborates with brands, she does so with those with green habits. 


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4. Trash is for tossers


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Moving on to zero waste influencers from beyond India, first up is Lauren. A known activist and advocate of zero waste products, she started two Package Free Shop for promoting eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products and The Simply Co to sell vegan and organic laundry detergents. 

Her own Instagram feed is a treasure trove for all aspiring eco-friendly influencers looking for new ways to go greener. 

5. Plant-Based Blonde


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Not a zero waste influencer per se, Caroline is a certified plant-based nutritionist and wellness coach who believes in compassionate living. Her content beautifully captures the beauty of sustainability. Besides recipes of mouth-watering vegan and plant-based dishes that you cannot afford to miss, you’ll also find ways to be more eco-friendly on her feed. 

6. Treading My Own Path 


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Lindsay Miles is the perfect environmental influencer on Instagram to follow if you believe in #minimalistic living. She believes in the philosophy of “less waste, less plastic, less stuff” and her content advocates it. 

From learning to sew to recipes for zero waste orange juice, her posts are a melting pot of all things that reduce waste and decrease our carbon footprint. And, oh, if you’re a reader, her books – No Fuss Kitchen and Less Stuff and Less Waste – are great recommendations.

7. Going Zero Waste


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Kathryn Kellogg started her zero-waste influencer account after having a close encounter with breast cancer. Today, she passionately advocates frugal and eco-friendly living. 

What we love about this famous environmental influencer is her positivity. The creator and speaker has tonnes of content on how to go zero waste. So, if you’re looking for a crash course, there is none better than the spokesperson of plastic-free living for Nat Geo. 

Know more zero-waste influencers from India or anywhere else?

We know it’s a short list of creators. So, we ask you now. Do you know of influencers actively promoting sustainable and organic lifestyles? If you do, share the deets of your favourite zero waste influencer (from anywhere in the world). We’d love to give them a follow. 

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