TL;DR: With time, commitment, and consistent effort, it is possible for any person to make a career as an influencer.

Influencers have existed for a long time (click that link to know how long). And they will continue to exist (just in different avatars). So, if you’re thinking of building a career out of influencer marketing. Go ahead.  

Being an influencer is very much a real job. In particular, given that influencer marketing will be worth INR 2,200 crore by 2025. 

But, be prepared. You can’t become a successful influencer overnight. 

You need to build quality content that can financially support you, and that takes months, if not years. However, as we said, it is very much possible to turn being an influencer into a full-time career. 

What does it take to make a career as an influencer?

Who is an influencer? A person who, due to their knowledge, position, and relationship with the audience, can influence others’ purchasing decisions.

A huge following is not critical to making a career as an influencer. Today, most brands want to campaign with creators who have between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. What you should have is:

  • An authentic community, i.e., you haven’t used bots to grow your following.
  • A distinct voice, tone, and personal brand that stands out.
  • The ability to produce high-quality content. 

Achieving them requires devoting your time and energy. Let’s assume you can give both. With that out of the way, here’s what you’ll need to make a real job out of being an influencer. 

1. Select your niche

The first and most important thing you can do before embarking on your journey as an influencer is to choose a niche in which you can consistently create content. 

2. Optimise your profile

After you’ve decided on a niche, you’ll want to optimise your profile by switching your Instagram account to a business account.  Then you must write an engaging bio that tells a story while highlighting your areas of expertise. Once completed, you’ll need a high-quality, visible profile picture for your personal brand identity.

3. Network with people

This means responding to the likes and comments you receive on your content. Or engage with your followers and fans by asking them questions.

4. Be regular and consistent

You can choose your posting frequency, whether it’s daily, weekly, or whatever suits you best. Some platforms are dynamic, and to succeed as an influencer, you’ll need to post frequently.

Furthermore, they prioritise accounts that are updated frequently, increasing their visibility. As a result, keep an eye on the best posting times and adjust your schedule accordingly.

5. Collaborate with brands

As an influencer, you must break out of your shell and work with brands. There are two ways to go about it. One, you can do the hard work and pitch brands. Two, you can take the easy route with an influencer app, like DYT, that already has brand campaigns on it. 

6. Develop a schedule

As your following grows, they expect more high-quality, consistent content. To deal with this, make a schedule on your calendar so you don’t forget anything.

You can plan your ideas and keep track of them in your calendar, so even if you have a lot of other #thngs to manage, it helps you stay organised. (Psst: you get a calendar tool with DYT Pro.)

The bottom line on building a career as an influencer

It may appear elusive at times, but it is possible to earn money online as a social media influencer, whether you have a large following or not. 

Our advice? Be patient and human because crafting a community online takes time and effort. 

And if you still need help making your career as an influencer, download DYT.