TL;DR: If you are looking for platforms where you can find people passionate about the same #thngs as you, you need to download these community-building apps. 

A community refers to a group of people who share similar interests. As a creator, the fans you amass on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or any other social media platform are your community. 

If the content is king, then the community is queen for a creator. Without that community, you cannot earn a single penny. 

Why? Because while brands love your kicka$ content, what they are really looking for is converting your community into paying customers. 

So, no matter how dhaasu your content is, if you don’t build a community around it, no brand will want to collaborate with you. 

The ultimate list of community-building apps for creators

The good news is that there are many community-building apps out there. Some will feel like the perfect fit for you, and some not so much. So, we did the work for you and narrowed the list to six apps that can help find your community and grow your orbit. 

1. Telegram

community building app -Telegram

Telegram became popular among the youth for various reasons like security, privacy and finding people who share the same interests. We love it for building a community because users can create channels and group fans from across the world to collectively discuss their favourite shows, movies, hobbies, content and more. 

Various themes and customisation options make Telegram a standout app. There are tools and bots to assist you in managing tasks on this community-building app. Plus, the storage capacity, easy user interface, and greater limit to creating groups make it even better. 

2. Do Your Thng

community building app- DYT.png

Okay, we know this is a shameless plug, and we’re tooting our own horn by listing our own community-building app. But it’s worth tooting!

DYT is an influencer app that helps creators build and monetise their content and community. While the app does the hard work of searching for brand campaigns, you get to focus on being more creative.  

You can use the Chat feature to find other creators and collaborate with them. Or you can join webinars hosted by experts in their field to network with people who share similar interests as you. 

What’s even better, you don’t need to build a community of 100,000 fans to start earning from your content. With DYT, you can get campaigns for nano-and micro-influencers. Yep, even with as few as 2000 followers, you can land a collaboration. What matters is that you should be truly interested in the product or brand! 

3. Discord 

community building app- discord.png

Initially, Discord was popular among gamers. But with time, it has become an app for every community. So much so, that even businesses love it for its simplicity and video clarity. 

Like Telegram, Discord too has bots to help you navigate without any difficulty. As soon as your profile is set up, Discord’s server makes it visible to a larger audience. 

Discord makes community-building easy. You can belong to a school club, a gaming group, or a worldwide art community. Moderation tools, custom member access, special powers, and private channels are just some of the features that help you expand your community. Apart from communities, you can create invite-only special groups.

4. FrontRow 

community building app -frontrow

FrontRow is an exclusive platform for creativity. You can enrol in courses like singing, lyric writing, rapping, film directing, acting, learning comedy and more. It lets you learn from the best people in that field. 

Apart from taking up courses and learning, it also allows you to join groups and communities where interaction happens 24×7 to boost your creativity. 

Live demo sessions are conducted for free by experts, and there are plenty of contests to participate in. FrontRow has something to offer everyone. 

5. Tumblr

community building app- tumblr.png

Tumblr is the OG community-building app. It started helping creators find their tribe even before social media became a #thng. You can create channels and groups to share your work and get constructive feedback.

Users can share texts, photos, links, videos, quotes, and chat. It’s quite honestly the perfect mix of most social media. What we love about Tumblr? It already has a fandom present for every topic under the sky. You just need to find yours and get building. 

6. Clubhouse 

community building app -clubhouse

If Tumblr was the OG, the newest kid on the community-building app block is ClubHouse. And after COVID-19, we don’t think it needs an introduction.

Unlike most apps that rely on photos, videos, or text, Clubhouse is audio-based. There is an audio room for everyone. Literally. Even something like taking your dog for a walk has one.

Creators can enter any room without knocking and can speak up by raising their hands. Or you can create your own room and build a community around a cause or subject you love.