Think With Google’s #TaiyaarForTyohaar says short video formats like YouTube Shorts are gaining popularity in India. 

One of the things these netizens turn to for inspiration and to research products is video, with more than 50% of consumers from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities relying on search or video when looking for information and guidance to purchase a product.

The reason for this rise is up for debate. Some blame it on short attention spans and others on busy schedules. That doesn’t change the fact that the craze is real and YouTube jumped in to encash it. 

Why do YouTube Shorts give brands the ultimate visibility?

YouTube Shorts are 15-to-60-second videos that can be created directly from the app. Think of them as alternatives to the now-banned Tiktok and trending Instagram Reels. For brands, YouTube Shorts can be a treasure trove of awareness and lift, especially if they rely on influencer marketing or already have an established presence on YouTube. 

1. YouTube gives good exposure 

YouTube has a trust level greater than any other app. It has over 2 billion monthly active users. More people with greater trust means more exposure for the brand and, hence, more conversions. 

YouTube houses millions of hours of branded content. 

So, when a brand relies on YouTube Creators or influencers to promote their products on YouTube Shorts, they can create an unending ripple of brand lift.

2. Engaging content is the winner

YouTube Shorts engage audiences creatively, which is why they garner more views than their longer counterparts. So, besides bigger reach with Shorts, brands can guarantee a hooked audience and not one that scrolls past after the first few seconds.

What’s more? Once you have an enraptured audience, you can divert them to a longer video format (all within the same platform) to give a more detailed view of your product or service. 

3. An established empire on YouTube 

Most YouTube influencers have been making videos for years. They are natives who took story-telling through videos and turned it into an art form. They have a loyal following rather than an empire built with hard work and dedication. 

When a brand capitalises on YouTube Shorts in collaboration with these creators, they get to leverage this established empire. The benefit? You get a guaranteed engagement. 

4. An audience of Gen X to Gen Z 

Another reason every brand should consider using YouTube Shorts is the demographics. YouTube is one of the rare social media platforms that is popular with a wide range of age groups. From 15-year-olds to 65+, YouTube is used by all. So, irrespective of which buyer you’re targeting, YT Shorts are favourable for it.

The long and short of YouTube Shorts

Using YouTube Shorts is a win-win situation for brands to increase the visibility of their products and make them household names. From product tutorials to reviews, everything is possible under the blue sky of YT Shorts. 

But there are caveats. You need the right YouTube influencers who match your brand persona and voice. Besides authentic influencers, you need to consider reach, views, popularity, and your budget. 

It is not just influencer discovery that can prove a thorny challenge. Measuring the impact of a campaign that uses YouTube Shorts can be just as hard. 

Our advice? Use an influencer marketing platform

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