Instagram filters or effects, whatever you wanna call them, can take content from meh to wow in less than a second. 

That’s a truth every creator knows in their bones. 

But (there’s always a but), it has to be one of the more aesthetic Instagram filters. Any random one will not do. With that, we give you the best Instagram filters for selfies, images, and more!

How to apply Instagram filters to your content?

Yes, yes, we know. You’re not living under a rock. You are, after all, a creator. Even still, we wanted to cover all the bases and talk about how you can use Instagram filters. 

First #thngs first, AR filters and effects are one and the same thng. Now that’s out of the way, here’s how you apply filters to a photo:

  • Click on the (+) button on Instagram.
  • Choose a reel or a story. 
  • At the bottom of the camera frame, you’ll find a range of filters. 
  • Click the one you love and do your thng.

To apply effects to content that’s already saved on your phone, select the image or video. On top of the screen, tap the 3 stars icon, and viola, all the filters will appear on the screen bottom!

Instagram filters list: the popular and the fantastic

Instagram filters surely add colour to life. It’s hard to imagine posting a selfie or content without a little tweak from the gorgeous gallery of filters. But with so many options to choose from, it’s confusing AF!

If you’re like us, you end up being stuck in the constant loop of jumping from one Instagram filter to another with little or no luck at finding the perfect one. So, here’s a list that can do wonders for your content. 

1. Vanilla by @berts.romero

Are you a fan of old-school portraits and dimly lighted pictures? If the answer is yes, then you will love the Instagram filter Vanilla by @berts.romero. It adds exposure at the right spots and makes your photo look smooth. Your followers might think you actually took a picture with an old camera. 

2. Light Streak by

Simple and casual selfies with ultra-fine backgrounds get a whole new makeover with this Instagram filter. It adds grain and a hint of sunlight to the pictures, along with two streaks of light. On top of that, it squares out the pictures to focus only on the part you want to highlight. 

3. Breeze by @carmushka 

Looking for subtle and muted vibes? Then the Instagram filter name you need is Breeze by @carmushka, a German fashion influencer, boosts the contrast but hides the exposure. It makes your self-portraits look cool and breezy. Landscape clicks get a whole new aura with this filter. 

4. Bahamas by @bryant

If you are missing that tropical glow on your skin, then Bahamas by Bryant is meant for you. It is tailor-made for adding a golden touch and brightening your skin with subtle sunny light. Use this Instagram filter to fulfil your dreams of getting a beachside self-portrait. 

5. Retro Film by @yanka.onuchina

Get that vintage vibrancy with this Retro Film filter. It perfectly lives up to its name. Your pictures will look like the oldies photos with a slight classic filmy touch. 

6. Hey Darling by @henrysdiary

This filter is all about cosy vibes and subtle undertones. It enhances your facial features by adding shadows. Also, your surroundings get a warm touch. This is the best Instagram filter that adds dreamy and fuzzy feelings to your pictures.

7. Hygge Present One by

If you want to dazzle like royalty, use Hygge Present One. It puts extra shine and sparkle around selfies, making it ideal for mirror selfies and makeup looks. 

8. Star Windows by Instagram 

This AR filter captures miniature-you in stars. It is a cool idea to attract an audience with a quirky touch to your content. 

9. Stained glass I (by Instagram)

Stained glass I is an Instagram filter that converts your screen into a beautiful stained-glass pattern. Shoot and post on your Instagram to get high interaction.

 10. Basic makeup (by antaravd)

Having a bad skin day? Not in the mood to get your mask on? Basic makeup is the best Instagram filter for you, then. It dolls up your face with sexy makeup and is ideal for shooting impressive videos.

Basic makeup Instagram filter

11. Happy Wings (by ksumrs)

You’ll get beautiful wings while using the Happy Wings Instagram filter. It feels like we are living our own fairy tale. Vibe it with suitable music and make fun reels. 

Happy Wings instagram filters

12. Comic Captions

Making Reels or video content, then this is the trending Instagram filter you need. Whatever you record is shown as comic captions in the final content video. Try this filter and have loads of fun. 

Comic Captions instagram filters

13. Not so basic by tenessees

This filter by the Instagram creator Tenessees enhances your eyes and lips with a crazy fluorescent glow. A brightening makeup is also added for you to flaunt a look that’s ‘Not so basic’.

14. Photo print by wannnfm

Want an Instagram filter name that’s fun, fun, fun? Use photo print!  It captures a number of pictures and showcases them in an old-school photo-print style. Think: various poses, delicious-looking recipes, and destinations, all within a single frame. 

Photo print Instagram filters


15. Emoji Challenge by Bruno.wx

This Instagram filter prompts you to pose like popular emojis and get clicked. An array of emoji-fied pictures look amazing.  

emoji Instagram filters

16. Celebrity twin by under25dictionary

Which celebrity do you look like? This popular Instagram filter helps you to know! Good #thng is that this filter shows Indian celebrities only;). Try the filter here.

Celebrity twin Instagram filters

How to find the trending Instagram filters? 

This list of Instagram filters will keep you busy for a while, but it is always good to know how to find trending Instagram filters on your own.


Because when you use trending effects or trending music in your Instagram Reels, the chances of more people discovering your content increase. 

Here’s a quick lesson on how to find the trending Instagram filters:

  • Open the Instagram camera, and you’ll notice various filters showing at the bottom of the screen. 
  • The effects you see are all trending – the most popular on the platform. 
  • But if you don’t want to use them, keep swiping the filters towards the left till you get a magnifying glass🔍 .
  • Click it, and you’ll reach the  ‘Browse effects’ page, which will have a trending Click and you will get a huge variety of filters to choose from.

Instagram face filters

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