Every year, we write about Diwali content ideas. This year we wanted to do something hatke, yet connected to the festival of lights. So, we decided to share the best Bhai Dooj social media post ideas our team could come up with.

Don’t judge (we were all tapped out on Diwali post ideas for Instagram).

But if you love them, feel free to copy them (and if you give DYT credit for it in your Bhai Dooj Instagram post, we’ll give you a shout-out)!

6 Bhai Dooj 2022 ideas ‘cause we were all out of Diwali-themed social media posts

The relationship you have with a sister or brother is the longest you will likely have in your lifetime. So, why not celebrate it the way it deserves with some humour and leg-pulling?

Idea 1

Post a photo of yourself posing with your hand held in front, palm up as if you’re asking for a gift or money. Isn’t that what every sibling on Bhai Dooj does!

Give it a short caption, “Where’s my 💲 💲 💲for the next trip?”

Idea 2

The quintessential Bhai Dooj social media post would be a carousel of pictures showing the different phases of your relationship. From “I don’t like you” to “Let’s go try something new,” make it a memoir for your partner-in-crime.

Idea 3

Do the ABCs of Bhai Dooj – “Aake dekh tu mere kamre mein”, “Bhag!”, “Chalo maaf kiya” – just like we did for Teacher’s Day.

Idea 4

You know those Instagram posts we keep seeing? Put a finger down if you’ve done “X” or take a step if you’ve ever had to face “Y”. Use the same idea to make a Reel with your brother or sister this Bhai Dooj. Pick questions that prove once and for all who’s the favourite child!

Idea 5

There are tonnes of hilarious ways to show the unique relationship you have with your sibling this Bhai Dooj on Instagram. But not every creator has the funny bone! 

For you, we say, use your niche. If you’re a food creator, make a dish, especially for your brother or sister. If you’re a travel influencer, plan a bespoke travel itinerary that fits your sibling’s personality.

Idea 6

If you are a brother-sister duo creator, one of the best ideas for Bhai Dooj is to find a brand collaboration looking for siblings and create a post around it. Like Havells did for Rakhi!

bhai dooj social media post caption

Captions for Bhai Dooj Instagram pictures

The classic social media post idea – of sharing a cute photo with your sibling or a Reel made of a bunch of them – never fails. So, if you’re short on time, use this as your Bhai Dooj post idea and then paste one of these captions:

  • You’re the Tom to my Jerry! (A great short caption for Instagram.)
  • My brother has the best sister in the world. (This is one of the Diwali captions for Instagram for girls.)
  • My sister is my best friend until she fails to share the Netflix password. Then, I’ll swear she’s adopted. (This is one of the Bhai Dooj captions for Instagram for boys.)
  • Always remember that if you fall, I will pick you up. As soon as I finish laughing.

bhai dooj social media post caption 2

Bhai Dooj quotes for Instagram

Now that the best (of our) Bhai Dooj social media post ideas are out of the way, let’s get to the Diwali captions for Instagram for the day.

  • You might be taller than me, but remember, I will always be smarter and wiser than you. Happy Bhai Dooj, my little brother!
  • A very Happy Bhai Dooj to the person who annoys me the most, yet the one who I love the most.
  • Who needs superheroes when you have a brother. Happy Bhai Dooj!
  • To all the fights over chocolates, television remotes, and gifts, Happy Bhai Dooj!
  • I was born to bother you!

bhai dooj social media post famous quote

Famous quotes to use for Bhai Dooj social media posts

“Brothers are playmates in the beginning and best friends for life.”

“What brothers say to tease their sisters has nothing to do with what they really think of them.” —Esther M. Friesner

“The mildest, drowsiest sister has been known to turn tiger if her sibling is in trouble.” – Clara Ortega

“Your brother is your alter ego. Your friend and sometimes your hero.” –Maxime Lagacé

“Is solace anywhere more comforting than in the arms of a sister?” – Alice Walker

That’s it, folks.

Those were our Diwali post ideas for Instagram (or rather, Bhai Dooj post ideas). Now go forth and do your thng. And in case you’re celebrating from far away, here’s how to host Diwali online.

Happy Festivities!

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