DYT Pro is DYT Grow as of October 2022.

All the tools, like invoice generator for influencers, legal contract templates, and others, are now available for free. The courses on content creation are offered à la carte, so you can choose and pick the ones that fit you best.

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Over the past year, we’ve been listening to and learning from some of the most passionate creators on DYT about what makes a creator’s journey hard. For most of you, the answer was the same. You needed access to tools, resources, and support that took you to the next rung on the creator ladder. 

So, we took this issue to heart and created DYT Pro.

Today we are launching the first iteration of it. With Pro, we bring you more powerful features, more content on the creator economy and more ways to make it easy for you to run a business. Because that’s who creators are: micro-entrepreneurs.

What is DYT Pro?

DYT Pro is a paid subscription that takes your experience to a whole new level. It gives professional creators what they are looking for the most – access to all sorts of ancillary support.

Does that mean free DYT is a thing of the past? No, absolutely not. You can still participate in brand campaigns without paying a single penny. Pro is simply a way to bring more enhanced and complementary features to what already exists at DYT, if you want it.

What changes with DYT Pro?

First things first, DYT Academy and Tools have now merged into DYT Pro. You can still view Stories like you always did. You still get articles written by the DYT team and creators on the creator economy. You can still read news on influencer marketing. All those things are free. 

But those who subscribe to DYT Pro get additional perks. 

Access to courses: Want to be a better creator? Want to learn advanced video editing or manage multiple brand campaigns simultaneously? There’s a course for it on DYT. With DYT Pro, you get free access to all courses. Enrol anytime and learn at your pace. What’s more, we’ll even give you personalised course recommendations based on your needs and give you a certificate once you complete them.

DYT Grow courses for influencers

Creator tools: Don’t know where to get a legal contract for a brand collab? Tired of remembering submissions at the 11th hour? With Pro, you get 3 tools that make life as a creator a breeze. The Invoice Generator allows you to create, share, and manage client invoices right from the app, so you can track payments with a thumb swipe.

DYT Grow invoice generator

With Content Calendar, you can set alerts for deadlines and, since it syncs with your mobile calendar, you’ll get automatic notifications. And finally, Contract Draft provides you with a legal contract template that you can download and customise. 

DYT Grow content calendar

Bragging rights: With DYT Pro, the app gets a newer, slicker, and shinier UI, and you get the bragging rights to it. The biggest change you’ll notice is the DYT heart. It’s a warm yellow, not pink. Is that it? Obviously, no. 

We also plan to send DYT Pro subscribers free branded “I am a creator” merchandise and swag, so you can tell the world you’re part of an exclusive community – offline and online. 

With DYT Pro, you create better

Our work to empower creators continues, and we have so much more to build like legal guidance. In the coming months, expect more from DYT Pro to make your experience as a creator frictionless, tailored, and, frankly, better. 

Right now, Pro subscription is available in two plans, each with two payment options. If you subscribe to the annual plan right now, you get it for ₹499 instead of 2,499. The quarterly plan, you get for just ₹49 for the first quarter, instead of ₹849.

So, go do your thng and sign up for DYT Pro for a more fire experience. 

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