TL;DR: How do you create quality content as a micro-influencer when you’re just beginning your creator journey? You find your engine, focus on one channel, be really active on social media and then create more of what works with your audience!

“To create or not to create,” sounds more diabolical than Shakespeare’s tragedy.

A creator’s journey isn’t as outlandishly exciting as it appears to be. It has its own share of inhibitions, and doubts. and at times, everything feels just overwhelming. 

Especially when you’re starting out. You don’t know whether you should create, curate, or just follow the trends.

Frankly, there’s no formula to making it big as a creator. But there are ways to dominate the influencer and content game!

With that in mind, we share 4 tips that will help you be a better creator and acquire more followers!

How to create quality content that will make people actually want to follow you?

If you are a new creator or hope to be a mega-influencer one day, these tips will help get your content machine up and running. They will guide you to becoming a better creator.

Tip 1:Find your engine

Like a train is dependent on an engine to function, a creator is dependent on quality content to reach more audience. Now content can be of many types: videos (think YT), audio (think podcasts), images (think IG), or text (think blogging).

You can combine all of them, but it’s important to analyse which type of content works best for you. And more importantly, what do you enjoy creating the most? 

Learn how to create better videos and better images.

Tip 2: Only God can be omnipresent

Quality content creation is overwhelming. There are several content formats and platforms out there, and it’s tempting to be on all of them.

That’s only natural! But if you push yourself everywhere, you spread yourself thin and the end result is that you don’t gain followers anywhere. So let god be omnipresent but you should focus on single channel.

Pick one content type (text vs. graphics vs. video) and create on a single platform. Eventually, with time and experience (and followers), you’ll catch up to creating on multiple platforms.

Tip 3: Experiment to gain more followers 

Don’t lose morale if your content doesn’t attract followers right at the beginning. It’s okay to think “My reel was so much more wittier than their! How come I don’t have 12K views on it then?

But don’t waste time over such thoughts. Instead take a pause and understand where your content is going wrong and then adapt. 

By that, we mean to experiment with different content until you get that connection with your followers. And once you find the perfect quality content that works for your community, make more of it. 

Learn how to gain more organic followers here and here

Tip 4: Amplify your content cause it’s a social (media) world

Okay, it might sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many new creators and micro-influencers make this mistake.

You need to leverage social platforms to grow. If you don’t, you’ll lose your audience. So, be active on them.

Engage with people who comment, like, or share your posts. Amplify your voice by resharing your content in different formats: Reels, Story, Feed Video, Tweet. This is so, so, so crucial. Always engage!

The 411 on creating quality content as a rookie influencer

To sum up, a new creator needs to find their engine, adjust focus, experiment, and then leverage social media. And voilà, you’ll be ready to create quality content and be on the path to becoming a micro-influencer.  

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