Work more, and you earn more. That’s the secret to succeeding as a freelance writer or creator. Right?

You work hard to make ends meet, especially when you’re new in the field.

Unfortunately, that’s not the secret to freelancer success. Being more productive (and therefore earning more) doesn’t mean working more hours.

4 Freelancer Success Secrets Revealed

The first step to succeeding as a freelancer or content creator (pick the label you’re comfortable with) is to correct your definition of productivity and success.

Being productive means working on something of quality. And it means being happy with what you’re working on.

Freelance success is not working more hours you put in, or putting more moola in the bank. It is about creating a life where you’re able to balance work with doing what you love.

Now that you have the right perspective on creator or freelancer success, let’s get to the 3 keys that unlock it. 

1. Know your worth

As a freelancer or creator, you can decide when to work, where to work and of course, what to charge. Stop working for clients who pay pennies. Find better clients, increase your rates and be ready to negotiate. 

Instead of working 10 hours a day for 10 clients who pay 10 bucks. Work with 5 clients for 5 hours a day who are ready to pay 50 bucks. 

When starting, it’s challenging to actually price yourself and charge more. Here are some #thngs that help.

  • Know your niche: Figure out what you’re good at, and then gain expertise in it. Then communicate to the client what value you bring, clearly and concisely. 
  • Learn the market: Learn what’s being offered by other freelancers in your domain. And then give clients something different. 
  • Learn more: Update your skills and knowledge, so you can keep charging more. 

Often, creators and freelancers who have been working for a long time feel they are ripping off clients when they increase rates. It is not so!

If your skills have improved or your experience has made you better, increasing your rates is both fair (and very much your right).

2. Work towards building loyalty

The next key to freelance success is to build trust among your clients so that they keep coming back for more.

  • Interact with your clients at a more personal level. That’s how they’ll remember you.
  • Make sure that you never overpromise and underdeliver. Rather, underpromise and overdeliver.

3. Always have a schedule

Freelancing, or even being a content creator, is, for the most part, not streamlined. It’s not like working for a company with set hours.

So, create a schedule, especially if you’re handling multiple projects at a time. It’ll go a long way in making you productive and helping you succeed.

4. Keep a realistic workload

Know your capacity and take the time that you need to gauge your productivity. Assess your knowledge, skill set and expertise on the project in hand, and then see how many projects you can take on and how fast you can deliver. 

Be adventurous for creator or freelancer success

The best #thng about freelancing (or being a creator) is that you can choose your path. You can shape the job around your passions and your lifestyle. However, staying too comfortable can hinder your success. 

So, put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid. Promote yourself and what you can offer. Interact, learn, and grow.

Redefine yourself. Craft your role in a way that is meaningful to you. Make changes to your business model over time, so you stay competitive.

Finally, set ambitious targets. Push yourself consistently, and succeeding as a creator or freelancer will become a reality!

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