TL;DR: The top 10 social media influencers in India (or with a bit of India inside) according to us (and, we bet, mostly everyone).

Before we begin, think of 5 #thngs you like to do in your leisure time. While no two individuals are the same and people are bound to have different ideas of “leisure.” 

We bet that if there’s one #thng in common in all our answers, then it’s browsing social media and the Instagram of the top social media influencers in India (or the world)! 

But, just in case, you’ve been taking a break from social media like Tom Holland and are unaware of the top 10 influencers, here’s a list.

10 top social media influencers in India that deserve a follow

Social media is a friend that’s always got our back, whether it is during the routine drudgery of travel or while savouring the first coffee of the morning. It has unarguably become an integral part of everyone’s lives and changed the way we think, perceive, act and react. Be it generating awareness on several social, economic, moral, and environmental issues or making us dance to trending tunes. 

And the flag-bearers of it all are creators. 

This year, social media influencers in India have been killin’ it particularly well with their content. So, shortlisting just 10 was a hard, hard task. But we forebore and whittled the list as the year turns to 2023, we thought why not make a list of the to the top influencers in India on Instagram!

1. Kusha Kapila 

It would be sinful of us to talk about the top social media influencers in India and not mention Kusha Kapila. Kusha, who made her Instagram debut as ‘Naina’ from the idiva’s rendition of South Delhi girls, became an instant favourite with the audience.

The star soon went solo and swayed the audience with her impeccable humour and relatability quotient. Her character sketches – from her humorous portrayals of the rich moms of South Delhi (Billi Maasi) to one that is a thought-provoking, satirical reflection on social issues (Kavita ki Kavita) – have won the hearts of the audience globally.


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So much so that today, the top social media influencer is basking in the glory of Masaba Masaba season 2. If you haven’t seen it yet, do. If for nothing else then because it’s proof that an Instagram creator can truly make it big.

2. Diipa Khosla 

Diipa is not technically a social media influencer from India but she is of Indian-origin. And after her indē wild launch in India, a beauty brand specially curated for coloured skin, we could not, not include her in our list of top 10 social media influencers in India in 2023.  

Based in Amsterdam, with a massive global presence and reach,  she is a true style icon. We love her because Diipa is always an active voice in highlighting major social and economic issues such as the equal representation of South Asians, gender equality, support for small businesses, and a celebration of global diversity.


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Diipa is unabashedly herself and is undoubtedly one of the top Instagram influencers in the world this year. The diva has innumerable women looking up to her for her style, authenticity, and humility.   

3. Sakshi Sindwani

Sakshi is a Delhi-based model and a creator who has taken Instagram by storm with her trendy styling videos, infectious smile, and unshakeable confidence and enthusiasm. She is a staunch proponent of body positivity, who never shies away from calling out body-shaming trolls and urging her audience to be proud of their bodies.

We put her amongst the top social media influencers of today for her on-point recreations of celebrity looks that she replicates with utmost ease and finesse while grooving to her favourite tracks. The body positivity icon and Forbes Top 100 Digital Stars is a must follow this year and every year. For content tips from Sakshi’s Instagram account, hop here.

4. Bhuvan Bam 

Do we even need to introduce this top social media influencer in India? Bhuvan Bam is a comedian, singer, and songwriter who started his social media journey with YouTube. He is best known for his comedy series ‘BB ki Vines’, in which he plays all the members of a typical Indian family.


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His humorous portrayal of a typical “everyday” in a middle-class Indian household gives tiny glimpses of the important social and economic challenges.

It has won the hearts of millions, making him one of the biggest social media influencers. His web series, ‘Dhindora’ only takes it a notch higher, with the social media star playing 10 different characters!

Another reason we think Bhuvan is indeed one of the top 10 social media influencers in India, is his new Hotstar Special #TaazaKhabar.

5. Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer Allahbadia is one of the first bloggers in the country  and unquestionably one of the top social media influencers in India. Ranveer started his journey as a YouTuber in August 2015 with his channel ‘Beerbiceps’ and continues to thrive in the social media landscape.


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Those who follow him know that he is an “influencer” in the truest sense of the word due to his ability to always inspire people to rise above their failures and pursue their dreams relentlessly.He is discipline and consistency personified, and even Forbes thinks he  is a top social media influencer to follow in 2023. If you’d rather listen than watch, catch “The Ranveer Show.”  It’s the number one podcast in India.

6. Dolly Singh

It’s impossible to not know who the creative genius Dolly Singh is.  She started her creatorjourney with iDiva and shot to fame soon after her rendition of a South Delhi girl with her first-world problems. If you’re like us and have been following the top social media influencer in India since the beginning, you know her  channel was originally called “spillthesass.” 


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Dolly enjoys massive popularity amongst the audience for her super-funny and relatable character sketches. From “Guddi Bhabhi” to “Raju ki Mummy”, all the characters have a history of their own and are loved by the audience!

Her followers would agree that her content is extremely comforting, bringing back memories of simpler times. Just like home-cooked food after months away from home. After all, who doesn’t love a walk down memory lane? For content tips from Dolly’s Instagram account, swing by here.

7. Ronit Ashra 

Is comedy your thng? If yes, then we bet you know Ronit Ashra. Ronit is one of the rare creators who tasted fame in a short span of time. He started mimicking celebrity videos as a hobby, and had no idea that they would soon make him one of the most promising Instagram influencers in India.


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His ability to mimic everything effortlessly, from expressions to clothes donned by celebrities, make his videos an endless laughter ride. If you need some hearty content to navigate the stresses of life, Ronit is one of the rare top social media influencers in India to follow in 2023!

8. Meethika Dwivedi

Is Instagram getting too monotonous for you? If it is, then the first #thng you need to do is go check out Meethika’s account! This laughter riot has taken the internet by storm with her blatantly honest takes on the realities of today’s times.


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The best part about her content? If we were to pick one, then it would definitely be her street-smart ranting in Hindi, and that too, with a Lucknavi accent. Her content is a breath of fresh air, and for this reason, the teenager is one of the fastest-growing Instagram influencers in recent times. She is undoubtedly one of the best and is bound to be amongst the top social media influencers in India in 2023.

9. Kritika Khurana

We know. We know. Everyone knows Kritika. One of the first bloggers in India, she shot to fame with her OOTD pictures on Instagram in 2013. She later started blogging under the name “thatbohogirl.” Today, the style icon enjoys immense popularity on all social media platforms and also runs the podcast “UNKUT Kritika.”

Kritika’s constant evolution as a creator is the reason she made our list of the top 10 social media influencers. Her ability to make her audience feel “included” in the most important moments of her life is another. We decoded her Instagram for content tips. Interested? Hop here.

10. Yashraj Mukhate

We couldn’t have concluded our list of top 10  social media influencers in 2023 in India without this musical sensation. Yashraj Mukhate is an extremely talented aspiring musician with a unique content style that converts famous dialogues into lyrics.


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Ever thought your favourite dialogue could, in fact, be composed into an entire song? Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? Well, if there’s one person who can not only compose the dialogue into a song but do it with such perfection that you get hooked on it then, it’s Yashraj Mukhate.

Did we miss your top 10 social media influencer from India?

That’s it, folks! 

Those were the top 10 social media influencers in India (according to us) that you need to tap back in 2023. For sure. But if you think we’ve missed a few, tag their handles in the comments and we’ll check them out. 

Finding new creators is our fav pastime.