It all started 3 weeks ago.

The product team at DYT decided to close 2022 with a bang. A big bang. So they designed, developed, tested, and shipped group chats.

What’s group chat, and why did we make them?

Content creation is chaotic.

Creating content for campaigns is even more chaotic. 

The back and forth between you, the brand, and the DYT team is like the wild west. How many times have thngs slipped through the cracks because you replied on WhatsApp, the brand answered by email, and the DYT team ran interference through phone calls?

We wanted this to stop.

Because at the end of the day, content creation has to be unadulterated fun. Isn’t that why you do it? And switching between a gazillion platforms is not it. Group chats allow everyone to be in the same place: creators, brands, and DYT.

group chat feature at dyt 2

The logic behind group chats is really simple.

A lot of campaigns we’ve helped run have 50+ creators. It makes explaining the do’s and don’ts of the brief, giving feedback, and following up harder than picking an on-point filter for a post. 

Instead of doing it individually 50 times, we can do it once through a dedicated group. The cherry on top is that every creator gets to be on the same page, saving you from making silly goof-ups that can get content rejected.

How do you join a group chat?

We’re glad you asked.

  1. Go to the chat screen (the last icon on your DYT home screen).
  2. Tap the search button, and you’ll automatically see all the groups.
  3. Click on the group you’d like to join.
  4. Voilà, you’re a part of it.

group chat feature at dyt 23

How do you leave a DYT group?

  1. Click on the group name.
  2. You’ll land on the details page.
  3. Scroll right to the bottom and tap on “Leave Group.”

Can you create group chats?

Not yet.

We’re still working on that, and it’s next in the plan. In the meantime, you can join any of the public groups. Of which there are three (we’ll continue to add more):

  1. Photographer Community
  2. Travel Community
  3. DYT Creator Program

group chat feature at dyt 2

Use group chats to find your tribe.

When we started building DYT, we wanted it to be a safe space for creators where they could make something, build an audience, earn money, and then earn some more.

So, we relegated all the complexities around content creation to it, making it the support system for creators of all sizes.

We now want to grow DYT into an app that brings creators together in a completely new way. And that was the final (and truth be told, the first) motivation to build group chats.

They are meant to knit communities, for creators across India to find common ground, have real-time conversations, and, yes, create more.

Why? Because communities will go big in 2023.

So, go do your thng and join a chat. 

And, oh, if you want a particular group, we’re taking requests.

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