In 2022, we published more than 160 articles on our blog. We crossed 70,000 clicks, made over 2.86 million impressions, and reached 137,258 page views. It was a good year, to say the least. So, we now look back on the most popular blog topics at DYT. ICYM them, here’s a round up of our best blogs of 2022 for influencers !

1. Learn how your Instagram can appear in Google search results

What if you could make your Instagram appear in Google search results? Right at the top. Like you can do with a website? You’d have a shot at getting more followers and interaction. This article teaches you 7 #thngs to do to make your account show up on Google!

2. Trending Hindi songs on Instagram Reels today

This was a series of blogs in 2022 for influencers that all revolved around trending music on Instagram Reels. Unless you live under a rock, you know a Reel skyrockets your chance of going viral. And using the right music for the reel is the trick. 

This particular article explains why the right song can make you a hit and gives you a long, long list of Hindi songs to use, which is why it is our best social media influencer blog!

3. 10 Instagram handmade jewellery influencers & designers

We don’t know why this article became one of our most popular blogs in 2022 among influencers. Maybe because it gives a shout-out to home-grown creators? Or maybe because everyone loves handmade jewellery. Whatever the reason, it remains the best lifestyle blog of 2022 at DYT.

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4. Travel is a treat, and so are travel reels

For travel content creators, Reels took the game to a whole new stratosphere. As much as they capture the beauty of new places, consistently coming up with travel Reels ideas for Instagram is not easy! And that’s what this blog topic does. It gives you travel reel ideas along with real examples that you can use!

5. The follow-unfollow method on Instagram to hack growth

This was by far the best social media influencer blog post by DYT in 2022. We dove deep into the “follow/unfollow method,” touted as the best way to grow your follower numbers. For new creators and budding influencers, it seems like a no-brainer, but our research proves otherwise. Definitely give this one a read!

6. 20 travel content ideas for Instagram

Travel seemed to be a popular blog topic in 2022 at DYT. But this particular article really clicked with creators because coming up with fresh and new travel content ideas is a challenge. So, with this blog post, we serve some piping hot stuff.

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7. What problems do creators face when creating content?

Problems content creators face: for something seemingly so simple, the answer to it is awfully long and complicated because creating content is hard. What you see on social media is far from reality. It takes work, creativity, an ardent desire to create, and most importantly, patience (a lot of it). In this article, we tackled the 7 most common issues influencers stumble across and ways to solve them.

8. Top 10 fastest-growing Instagram niches to make money

If you are new to the influencer world, #thngs are likely as clear as a foggy January morning. That’s why this is one of the best blogs at DYT in 2022 for influencers. It lists the niches on Instagram that content creators can make content around, along with tips and courses on each topic. We updated it, so it is still relevant in 2023!

9. How much money does a travel blogger make in India?

We did say travel was a hot blog topic in 2022, right? This article explained the new definition of a “travel blogger,” how much they can realistically earn, and the ways a new travel content creator can fund their travels!

10. 10 mental health influencers in India on Instagram

We live in a world where AI can write whole blogs, Twitter threads, or create fantabulous images, but we still can’t cure mental health. No wonder, mental health influencers were one of the best blog topics in 2022 at DYT. The article shares a list of them with real degrees or experience to help you balance social media and mental health!

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