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Marketing to Gen Z: The True Creators of Content

You know the saying, “This is ­­_____’s world now. We are just living in it”? Fill in that blank with Gen Z.  The past two years proved it beyond a […]

  January 15, 2022


The Unnoticed Ripple Effects of COVID-19 On Social Media Platforms

Over the past two years, the value of online content and its creators has come into stark relief. The uproar of content creation and its consumption has been a visible […]

  January 9, 2022


DYT 2021 ⏪

Whether you believe it or not, this year was history in the making. Anyone (or any business) who uses the brilliance of the Internet, and particularly the creator economy, to […]

  December 31, 2021


A Deep Dive Into The Creator Economy

For the past 18+ months, the term “creator economy” has been thrown around willy-nilly. Then came NFTs and brought with them an explosion. You cannot scroll down any social without […]

  November 29, 2021


Knocking On The Grey Cells Of Influencers: Don’t Hire, Collaborate

Today, we go all Kanye (read: speak controversial thoughts) and tell a tale, if not as old as time, then at least close to it.  Watson and Crick. Procter and […]

  September 22, 2021


Say Hello To DYT Academy: Your Path To Being A Better Content Creator

We’ve been shouting it from the rooftops for years now. Everybody, and we positively mean everybody, has the power to influence. It’s a profound experience to realise this. Anyone can […]

  September 5, 2021


Influencing Role Of Influencers In Social Commerce

When Pinterest introduced the Shop tab in response to the pandemic last year, it hinted at the rise of social commerce. The ascent became evident with market leader Instagram continuously […]

  July 24, 2021


Insights For Creators On How To Build Their Brands

A lot has been said on how content creators can build their brands on Instagram, do what they love and earn a living through it. But finding the inside scoop, […]

  June 25, 2021


Tech: The Big Enabler Of Creator Economy

This decade, tech will be the wrench that splits open the closed door of the creator economy, allowing the democratisation of wealth. Let me explain how. Tech made it possible […]

  June 5, 2021


Why Creator Content Needs Value, Authenticity And Sentiment In 2021!

When your content has value, it brings more engagement, which helps rope in more brand collaborations! What makes a content creator successful?  The ability to forge a human connection between their audience […]

  April 14, 2021


Listen Up Creators! We Have The ASCI Guidelines Simplified For You

Back in early 2019, I questioned why the influencer marketing niche in India is not regulated. In September 2020, I asked if we were on the path to making clear […]

  March 1, 2021


DYT 2020 ⏪

This was a tempestuous year. One of the things that helped me get through it was the community at DYT. And when I say community, it includes team members but […]

  December 29, 2020


A Fulltime Job Is Not A Roadblock: AMA With Nidhi Khurana

She is 23. She has a full-time job. She is a travel and creative creator. She is Nidhi Khurana. Or as some may recognize her, Safarnamabynidhi. She was also our guest […]

  November 10, 2020


Content Ideas That Turn Food into Actual Art

Content ideas. That’s the bane of most content creators. At some point, we all think ‘what to post next?” Well, we’ve got ideas. Beautiful ideas. At least for food creators. […]

  November 3, 2020


Don’t Ever Give Up: AMA With Grish Majethiya

There is no right age to be a content creator. Talking to Grish Majethiya proved it. He is the youngest guest I’ve had the chance to host on an AMA session. At […]

  November 2, 2020