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Formal Gossip Episode 2: The entrepreneurial take on content creation

For the first episode of Formal Gossip, our online video call series, I hosted a creator still relatively new to the field. It’s been a year since Kriti started producing content, yet […]

  June 2, 2020


Formal Gossip Episode 1: What’s behind a blogger’s pretty picture?

To quote Kriti, it is tons of videography, production, editing, photography, and with it comes a lot of challenges. Formal Gossip is our way of helping you through it.   […]

  May 29, 2020


Convert A Basic Instagram Account to a Creator or Business Profile: Should You?

Hell yeah, you should!     When Instagram started, there was just one profile – basic. You could keep it private or make it public. But time changes everything, and […]

  April 1, 2020


Body Positivity – Is It Important To Spread Awareness On Social Media?

Jiggly arms have been the bane of existence for a lot of women. As you try on a sleeveless dress or top, you question your breakfast, lunch and dinner choices. […]

  March 3, 2020


7 Different Ways To Engage With Your Followers Other Than Your Content!

Content creators, your power is undeniable! A nod from an influencer is the best endorsement a brand can get. Why? Because 92% of the present consumer trusts peer recommendations far […]

  February 8, 2020


Where Is Influencer Marketing Heading In 2020? The Creator Side of the Story

Credible. Trustworthy. Authentic. And reliable. Creators of today are all this and more. And that’s why 92% of people rely on influencers for recommendations more than traditional adverts and mega-celebrities. […]

  December 31, 2019


The 411 On Food Blogging: Putting The Lens On Writing

In food blogging, people taking pictures of food is a common sight. So common, in fact, that we’ve stopped noticing the person sitting in a cafe clicking a platter of […]

  December 13, 2019


A Comprehensive Guide To Brand Collaborations – The Before

The powerful on social media have a long reach. A reach that is not limited to celebrities with over 100,000 followers. It doesn’t matter if there are 500 or 16,000 […]

  October 30, 2019


Tricks, Tips And What-Nots To Make The Most Out Of The Festive Season

Influencers of the online world, wake up. It is that time of the year when the spirit of giving is alive and social media is the place to bundle that […]

  October 24, 2019


Grow Your Brand, Effectively: Influencer + Influencer Collaborations – Part 2

This is भाग दो of our series on influencers collaborating. If you’ve directly landed on this page, please do give this post a skim. Else you’ll be slightly lost. You, […]

  October 16, 2019