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Tips To Successful Live Streaming On Instagram, Facebook & YouTube

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube Live are great tools for content creators. There are no ifs and buts about it. However, typical posts take you only so far. There are times […]

  December 4, 2021


The M2S Series: Say Aloha To Simran Anand, Sr. Brand Executive

When we started the Monday to Saturday series, we had just realised that people make a company. After COVID-19 hit, this inherent truth was hammered in further. So, here’s us […]

  November 17, 2021


A Comprehensive Guide To Brand Collaborations For Every Creator

Established content creators with their #vacay pics and travelogues make collaborations look easy. For the creators who are still finding their footing, paid collabs are more like dreams, continually out […]

  November 2, 2021


7 Ways Creators Can Use Instagram To Sell More

The Internet changed everything, from how we learn to how we work. With social media channels adding the shop feature, it is also changing the way we buy things.  The […]

  October 29, 2021


How Creators Help Brands Crack New Markets

Entering a new market is never easy for brands. The reasons are myriad, sons, but the crux is that every brand is formed and honed in the home market.  UNCTAD […]

  October 28, 2021


How Brands Can Use UGC In Your Next Social Media Campaign

We can spout numbers like viewers are 2.4x more likely to view user-generated content as authentic compared to content created by brands. But what would be the use? As marketers, you […]

  October 22, 2021


The Art Of Handling Trolls, Haters, And Naysayers

When Instagram decided to hide Likes, we were ecstatic because by hiding the count, the relentless competition between users to rack up double taps could finally be laid to rest.  […]

  September 25, 2021


Do’s And Don’ts Of Phone Photography For Creators

Creators taking the baby steps in the world of influence don’t have the moolah to buy a fancy camera. Neither do they have the time to learn the ins and […]

  March 14, 2020