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Be There!

These are difficult times. Difficult, desperate, demanding times. A catastrophe of sorts! The healthcare system is collapsing by the day, people are dying by the hour and hope is diminishing […]

  May 3, 2021


What is the DYT score? How Can You Increase It To Earn More?

The one question every new creator Googles at some point is “how to make money on Instagram?” or “how to get paid for Instagram posts.” Well, DYT is the answer.  […]

  December 2, 2020


Are Videos Important in Influencer Marketing?

Hell yes! Videos are not just important; they are mandatory for both creators and brands. 70% of India’s data usage happens on online videos. Did you know that?  We sure didn’t […]

  October 23, 2020


#ItsBetweenYou: WhatsApp’s First-Ever Brand Campaign!

Chances are you’ve already seen it and thought, “wow, WhatsApp is running ads now!” What most wouldn’t have realized is that it is a BIG DEAL (yes, in capital letters). […]

  August 5, 2020


How To Find The Kind Of Creators You Should Collaborate With?

Your followers adore you. Your content is a big hit. And brands are finally beginning to notice you. Life as a creator is good. Then, you perceive that your growth […]

  July 17, 2020


Got A Podcast? Promote It Through Instagram!

In February, during a creative session at DYT, someone floated the idea for a podcast. Our founder took to the concept like a duck to water. Then the world upended itself, and […]

  July 3, 2020