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Jinu Abraham

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Don’t Kill Creativity In Paid Media Campaigns

Brands are coming to an understanding of the power that paid media campaigns can offer. They are an amazing way to help boost your brand, with multiple pros. You can […]

  October 27, 2021


Festive Season: Busy Business Hours For Creators

Well, well, well, if it is not that time of the year! We are past Dussehra, and we are all waiting for the grandest festival to be celebrated in the […]

  October 26, 2021


Which Type Of Influencers To Use Based On Your Brand’s Need?

Influencers on the left, influencers on the right, a lot on your screen and a bit on your mind. In a world where influencer marketing is booming faster than you […]

  September 17, 2021


Decoding Insta Handles: Niharika NM

Niharika NM woke up one day and thought, “I am going to make everyone’s day better and brighter.”  And she did. The digital creator with 1.8M followers at the time […]

  September 7, 2021


5 Indian finance creators, you need to check out! 

According to history, India was once considered a prosperous land in terms of trades, wealth, and lifestyle. However, somehow, India’s glory and wealth got lost in the pages of history, […]

  August 31, 2021


Influencers and Photography: A never-ending love story

Is your feed looking a bit dull? Are you out of content to post? It’s time to create a red carpet moment! In our homes or neighbourhood, by ourselves… *cue […]

  August 20, 2021


A Creator’s Guide To Instagram’s Paid Partnerships

“With my mind on my money And my money on my mind.” Snoop Dogg was definitely on to something with those lines.   Because you dear influencers are close to […]

  August 19, 2021


5 Tips For Consistent, Engaging Content

Content creation might seem easy for people to see, but a lot goes on in the background that needs to be sorted out to be the one out of the […]

  August 12, 2021


Decoding Insta Handles: Rahul Subramanian

  We meet so many influencers and public figures in our day to day life. On our phone. Obviously.  Ever wondered what makes one different from the other. With so […]

  August 6, 2021


Hey Creators! Insta Has Got Your Back…

Hey creators! Insta has got your back… We live in a world where the lines between virtual and reality keep getting blurred from time to time. And as a creator, […]

  August 3, 2021


4 Ways YouTube Can Be Your Build-A-Community

4 ways YouTube can be your build-a-community YouTube has been around for a long time, and it’s here to stay; it won’t be an exaggeration to say that YouTube is […]

  July 9, 2021


New Metrics Of IG Reel To Boost Content Game

New Metrics Of IG Reel To Boost Content Game The Explore page on Instagram has been for some time now been a convenient market for businesses.  No one can call […]

  July 5, 2021


5 Ways Content Creators Can Face Their Illustration Phobia

5 Ways Content Creators Can Face Their Illustration Phobia Illustrations are more or less the spooky forest in the online content world, they are riddled with many conditions;  “You have […]

  July 1, 2021


5 Ways To Implement Your Engaging Ideas On Social Media

If you are here, it means you are looking for the most optimal usage of your social media platform.  Whether you are aiming to be an influencer or trying to […]

  June 16, 2021