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4 Social Media Platforms And How You Can Make Money From Them

4 Social Media Platforms and how you can make money from them   Confused about how to make money on social media apps? Of course one way is to get […]

  August 4, 2021


5 Secrets To Grow On YouTube

5 Secrets To Grow On YouTube   YouTube is ruling as a video content platform despite the rising popularity of social networking apps like Instagram and Snapchat. It has always […]

  July 20, 2021


7 Easy-to-Implement Ideas for Engaging on Social Media

7 Easy-to-Implement Ideas for Engaging on Social Media   Creating just good content isn’t enough anymore. Marketing it the right way is equally important to grab followers attention. Thankfully Instagram […]

  July 19, 2021


Nidhi’s List Of 7 Places To Visit In India With A Pocket Friendly Budget

Nidhi’s list of 7 places to visit in India with a pocket friendly budget.   Travelling isn’t cheap at all! Food, accommodation and transportation alone could put a huge dent […]

  July 10, 2021


7 Youtube Lifestyle Bloggers You Must Follow

We are living in the era of continuously changing trends. New fashion styles, makeup brands and beauty looks are popping up everyday. Here’s a list of 7 YouTube bloggers that […]

  June 15, 2021


5 Indian Influencers Leaving An Impact

Influencers sincerely working towards making an impact are so rare these days! If you are too done with scrolling through all superficial accounts, here’s a list of 5 Indian influencers […]

  June 14, 2021


7 Sustainable-Lifestyle Influencers You Have To Follow!

Thinking about adopting a sustainable lifestyle? Looking for motivation to go green? These new-age influencers will give you all the encouragement you need to live an organic life:    Trash […]

  May 20, 2021


7 International Shows You Can Watch To Lighten Up Your Mood

Sometimes all we need is a little break from our routine life and have a good laugh. Here is a compilation of 7 international sitcoms to watch when you just […]

  May 19, 2021


7 Indian OTT Releases You Can Watch To Lighten Your Mood

Bored of the Saas-Bahu drama on television? Here are 7 Indian made web series released on OTT platforms that you can watch for lightening up your mood:      Yeh […]

  May 18, 2021