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Komal Yadav

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5 Tips To Get Your Influencer Marketing Right. Every Time

The power of social media gave birth to a new form of marketing. We call it influencer marketing. Every brand has recognised its potential and uses it to promote products/services […]

  January 14, 2022


5 Tips To Create The Best Branded Content On Instagram

An Instagram presence is a must for every brand in today’s time. Every brand keeps the platform on their marketing radar because let us be honest it’s the way to […]

  January 11, 2022


Understanding Instagram Analytics To Hack Growth

Instagram crossed one billion active users in October 2021. Of these, 201 million were solely from India.  Let’s translate these numbers. You, a creator (and the brand you adore and […]

  January 3, 2022


9 YouTube Streaming Tips That Every Beginner Must Know

YouTube gaming streams watch-time increased to 100 billion hours in 2020 (almost doubled from last year). It’s proof positive of the increasing popularity of this niche amongst the audience. So, […]

  December 28, 2021


An Influencer Guide To Creating Viral Short Videos

Aesop was damm on point when he said, “Good things come in small packages.” The craze around Instagram Reels, Reels on Facebook and the recent launch of YouTube shorts are […]

  December 23, 2021


7 Tips To Get Real, Organic And More Instagram Followers

Is your follower count stuck at the same number for a long period of time? Are you struggling with converting potential audiences into followers?  Heck, yes? Then read on! Instagram […]

  December 21, 2021


6 Common Mistakes On Instagram That You Need To Stop Making Right Now

  “An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”– Orlando Battista   Is your reach on Instagram suffering? Is the number of your followers not growing? […]

  December 15, 2021


9 Photography Tips For Influencers To Make Your Content Better

Every picture tells a story. We know that. Right? Make it eye-catching and unique and you have more than a story. You have followers, likes, shares and overall engagement.  So, […]

  November 25, 2021


Hacks To Show Up On Instagram Search Results

With so many creators and influencers emerging every day, gaining followers on Instagram (the linked blog is a treasure trove of tricks. Read it.) is surely becoming a difficult task. […]

  November 18, 2021


Different Ways To Make Money Through Twitter

When we talk about creators and how they can make money, the focus is generally on Instagram. While that is all well and good, it is not the only platform […]

  October 19, 2021


Bloggers: Here’s How You Create Content For Targeted Traffic

Is your blog not attracting enough targeted traffic?  Are you trying to find fresh ideas and creative content for your blog?  If the answer is heck yes, then this article […]

  October 15, 2021


New Creator? Here Are The Apps & Tools You Need To Start!

The life of a content creator might seem bright and glamorous from far. However, a lot of effort goes into creating those Instagram-worthy pictures and videos. Starting as a new […]

  September 18, 2021


5 Indian Automobile Creators You Must Check Out!

Are you an automobile enthusiast?  Interested to know more about cool motorbikes and brand-new cars?  Then we’ve got the names of automobile creators (from India) that you simply have to […]

  September 9, 2021


How To Stand Out As A Fashion Blogger

Do you love fashion and styling trends? Are you interested in sharing your outfit tips with the world? Fashion blogging, in the beginning, may seem a little intimidating since so […]

  August 24, 2021


Why You Don’t Need To Pitch To Brands Anymore!

Content creation for social media is a full-time job! It isn’t a child’s play anymore. And pitching to brands is the toughest part of this job. This is where DYT […]

  August 21, 2021