Manveen Guliani

Manveen Guliani

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10 Cake Bakers on Instagram from Delhi

“Sells like hot cakes” Courtesy of social media, our lives have become so much simpler. In this case, much more flavourful. Cakes are a part of our culture now. However, […]

  February 17, 2020


How to Balance Being a Travel Blogger With a Full-Time Job?

  Jet setting from one exotic location to another. That’s the dream. But reality comes knocking hard, especially for travel bloggers who work full-time.  It boils down to a lack […]

  January 30, 2020


10 Indian Handmade Earring Designers on Instagram

In the race of retail E-commerce, often some individuals hanker for accessories that are more exclusive. Not only do handmade goods ensure true craftsmanship but assure the individuality of the […]

  January 21, 2020


Fashion Blogging: Traversing Beyond The Tried and Tested

How to style a white shirt 5 different ways? What to wear on a date night? How to tie a scarf like a pro? If you swipe through the lookbooks […]

  November 25, 2019


10 Indian Comic Artists to Follow on Instagram

Essential ingredients for a humourous day! Laughter is the best medicine and witty one-liners always crack the chuckle-looking-at-your-phone-code. These comic artists have their own defined design language and some of […]

  November 7, 2019


10 Still Life Stylists to Follow on Instagram

 Instagram has given birth to a new culture of product promotions, but how do you make your product stand out? Quality attributes are one but if the product fails to attract […]

  November 5, 2019