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How ‘Gulabo Sitabo’ Leveraged Social Media For Promotions. Revolutionising The Film Industry.

With movie halls shut down for almost three months now, even the prominent production houses in Bollywood are facing trouble as the production, launch, and promotion of their upcoming movies […]

  June 27, 2020


Happening Friday Nights Are Surely A Thing, With Do Your Thng!

Whenever ‘Working from Home’ comes to our mind, the first thought that goes through our head is “it’s so boring”. Well, it isn’t the case, especially when you are working […]

  June 25, 2020


10 Best Workplace Comedies That Will ‘Almost’ Make You Regret Working From Home

Now that everyone is working from home for at least three months now, you must be missing that workplace fun. We all have those colleagues cracking lame jokes, enlightening the […]

  June 23, 2020


How To Voice Your Opinion On Political Issues. 6 Useful Tips For Content Creators

This year has been quite eventful until now. From new political agendas, uprising of social issues and natural calamities, 2020 has it all. With so many updates and discoveries, social […]

  June 9, 2020


Brand Collaborations Are The Way to Go

Gone are the days when brands used to tap the ‘celebrities’ for their promotion. As social media has emerged and developed over the years, the power of promotion has also […]

  May 22, 2020


More Reach Or More Followers? The Never-Ending Battle

With a growth spurt in social media activities and the huge number of social media accounts, various metrics are used to prioritize, classify, or differentiate these profiles from the others. […]

  May 15, 2020


5 Digital Marketing Courses To Enroll For Right Away!

“It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.” – Jeff Bezos Just as the founder of Amazon Inc quoted, it’s hard not to make any sales online, especially when […]

  May 11, 2020