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Samira Vij

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2 Insider Insights On Why Creators Make Safe, Effective Bets For Brands

The pandemic has been a harbinger of many unexpected events, but who knew that an increase in retail sales would be one of them? And it ran parallel to the […]

  November 23, 2021


5 Travel Creators You Need To Check Out!

The pandemic saw a steep rise in the time we spent on Instagram. With nowhere to be and no one to meet, gadgets became our best friends, and socials the […]

  November 12, 2021


The Etiquettes Of Communicating With Influencers

How does an influencer marketing campaign commence? Quite intuitively, it begins with influencer outreach. But more importantly, it begins with effective communication. It is the first and unarguably the most […]

  November 11, 2021


Top Creator Niches on YouTube

What if you could time travel back to 2005? You were probably a school-going kid who dreaded homework, loved summer holidays, or maybe you were in the primes of your […]

  November 3, 2021


Declining A Brand Collaboration? Be Polite.

I am sure many of you’ve wondered at some point or the other how do people make money on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook? The answer is simple as well […]

  October 25, 2021


How Can You Use IGTV To Grow As A Creator?

Instagram Television, or IGTV, is one of the oldest and most classic among a myriad of Instagram features. First introduced in 2018, the long-form video content with a range of […]

  October 23, 2021


How Often Should You Post On Instagram?

What’s the most common question that you ask someone you’ve just met and would like to connect with more in the future? For me, it’s, “Hey! Are you on Instagram?” […]

  October 9, 2021


Tips From Simran Anand’s Pocket On Creating Engaging Content

What could be special about a weekday? Take a guess. Well, you can definitely check the weather off your list or the dish on your dinner menu. We’re treating you […]

  September 19, 2021


What Is Instagram Creator Studio And What Can You Do With It?

The rise of Instagram has been one of the most disruptive events in social media history. It took over all other social media platforms because of its lightning-fast innovations that […]

  September 13, 2021


7 Ways To Come Up With New Content Ideas!

Content creation is one of the most attractive industries of today, with more and more people ditching their professions to chase their calling. People have only begun to realise its […]

  September 8, 2021


8 Social media trends you need to follow!

  When we talk about living in an era of constant evolution, social media is as dynamic and volatile as it can get. Trends become outdated before one even realizes […]

  September 2, 2021


What Do Brands Look For In Your Insta Feed

Influencer marketing is one of the many industries that have been impacted by the Pandemic in that the already extremely volatile market has seen the addition of numerous new creators […]

  August 23, 2021