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How Can You Use IGTV To Grow As A Creator?

Instagram Television, or IGTV, is one of the oldest and most classic among a myriad of Instagram features. First introduced in 2018, the long-form video content with a range of […]

  October 23, 2021


How Brands Can Use UGC In Your Next Social Media Campaign

We can spout numbers like viewers are 2.4x more likely to view user-generated content as authentic compared to content created by brands. But what would be the use? As marketers, you […]

  October 22, 2021


How to Add Links to Instagram Stories (Replacing Swipe Up with Link Stickers)

We’re a little late, but the news is still worth sharing. Your favourite phrase, “Swipe Up,” is extinct.  Yes. You heard it right! Instagram replaced the classic “Swipe Up” feature […]

  October 21, 2021


5 Instagram Influencers Who Are Changing The Fashion Game

One thing Instagram has taught us is that fashion is personal. You don’t have to follow a trend just because everybody is doing it. You wear what you want to […]

  October 20, 2021


Content Approval Brings Method To The Madness Of Influencer Marketing

Before social media became the beast it is today, the content was unfiltered, unedited, and raw. Then came influencer marketing and the quality of content began to matter.  Why? Because […]

  October 20, 2021


Different Ways To Make Money Through Twitter

When we talk about creators and how they can make money, the focus is generally on Instagram. While that is all well and good, it is not the only platform […]

  October 19, 2021


Bloggers: Here’s How You Create Content For Targeted Traffic

Is your blog not attracting enough targeted traffic?  Are you trying to find fresh ideas and creative content for your blog?  If the answer is heck yes, then this article […]

  October 15, 2021


Brands Need Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Now!

What is highly essential for running an effective influencer marketing campaign?  Data.  The data might be about the number of impressions a post made or the number of likes it […]

  October 14, 2021


How Content Creators Can Merge Different Interests Into One

A hard and fast rule that guides today’s content creators is to find a niche.  Identify and focus on verticals in which you can become an expert and authority, ones […]

  October 12, 2021


Decoding Srishti Dixit’s Instagram Handle For Content Tips

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram or watched a healthy dose of BuzzFeed India videos, you likely know Srishti Dixit. A comedian and cat mother, Srishti is known for her hilarious […]

  October 9, 2021