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Unlocking The Power Of AR Filters In Online Marketing

The end goal of marketing is to satisfy customer needs. Whether generating awareness or pitching products, every step of the purchase journey culminates in meeting what a buyer needs (even […]

  November 20, 2021


5 Tips For Influencers To Get Brand Collaborations

Have you doubted the journey to financial freedom as an influencer? Have you been demotivated or questioned this path? You’re not alone. Most new content creators struggle to transform their […]

  November 19, 2021


How Content Creators Can Merge Different Interests Into One

A hard and fast rule that guides today’s content creators is to find a niche.  Identify and focus on verticals in which you can become an expert and authority, ones […]

  October 12, 2021


Decoding Srishti Dixit’s Instagram Handle For Content Tips

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram or watched a healthy dose of BuzzFeed India videos, you likely know Srishti Dixit. A comedian and cat mother, Srishti is known for her hilarious […]

  October 9, 2021


What Problems Do Creators Face When Creating Content?

For a seemingly simple question, the answer is awfully long and complicated. Creating content is hard. What you see on social media is far from reality. It takes work, love, […]

  May 6, 2020


Got Collaboration On Your Mind? Here Are 7 Ideas For Instagram!

What’s a flipp’n fantastic idea? Collab’ing with other online creators! Been there? Done that?  Well, here are some more Instagram collaboration ideas for you.  (Disclaimer: All of them are stolen from Chrissy […]

  March 18, 2020


5 Social Media Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

When you think about it, the birth of social media was about connecting at a personal level with people you knew or used to know. That’s what Myspace, Orkut (dead […]

  February 19, 2020


How to Reach Out to Brands In Innovative Ways For Collaborations?

Navigating the current creator world is daunting. What’s even more daunting is reaching out to brands  for collaborations. With the power of real creators with authentic voices rising, brands are […]

  January 17, 2020


5 Content Ideas to Drive Holiday Engagement On Social Media

Between the Christmas fruit cake, eggnog and cookies, your plan for the holidays is to get stuffed on treats and merry spirit. But what about prepping your content calendar? Is […]

  December 23, 2019


Using The Hashtag: Tricks To Better Discoverability

We know you know what # means. We’re the age that recognises the symbol as a hashtag and not as the number sign. So, instead of insulting your intelligence and extolling its definition, we […]

  September 12, 2019


Hacking Humans: Social Media, Social Engineering 2.0 And Its Impact

Books are the source of all knowledge. Read, read and then read some more. That’s what most of us were told. (Well, those of us who have crossed a ‘certain’ […]

  September 10, 2019