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How To Find Audio And Music Trending On Instagram

Do you guys also find it hard to concentrate these days?  Thank God, ours are not the only minds hijacked by groovy Instagram music! All thanks to Instagram, we’ve all […]

  December 25, 2021


DYT Creator Portraits: Kulin Amin

Let’s democratise influence. Those were the words DYT began with. To help anyone do what they love, their thng and, on the way, tell stories. Stories created by the people […]

  November 14, 2021


Brands Need Data-Driven Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Now!

What is highly essential for running an effective influencer marketing campaign?  Data.  The data might be about the number of impressions a post made or the number of likes it […]

  October 14, 2021


How to Successfully Write A Pitch Email For Brand Collaboration?

Brands are looking for influencers. More accurately for content creators. Even more, specifically brand advocates with smaller following. Why? Because brand advocates have a community of deeply loyal and highly engaged fan […]

  November 11, 2020


Don’t Be An Influencer, Be An Advocate

If you want campaigns and grow your audience, it is time you become a brand advocate and not merely an influencer. In the past few months, every time I talk […]

  October 26, 2020


DYT x DaMensch: #AsSoftAs Campaign

#AsSoftAs goose down? Baby’s bottom? Kitten’s paw? Turns out we were wrong on all counts. It is #AsSoftAs a DaMensch! We’ll stop beating about the bush and get right to it. The […]

  August 26, 2020


5 Complicated Shows That You’ll Love

… that is if you have the daring, bravery and valour for series that are as complicated as pronouncing (or baking) croissants! We like our shows as simple as boiling […]

  August 17, 2020


Struggling with work from home? We’ve got great tips!

Way, way back in another lifetime (actually 2014) a Harvard Business Review post said: “to raise productivity, let more employees work from home.” What we want to know is who these super-human […]

  August 8, 2020


Top 3 Apps to Promote Your Podcast on Instagram

Variety is key to promoting a podcast on Instagram. That’s the inside tip we shared with you in our previous podcast blog. In this one, we tell you how to really get […]

  August 4, 2020


DYT x MFine: #HarGharMeinDoctor Campaign

  If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us one thing, then it is the value of life. On a lighter note, it taught us that many of our doctor visits could […]

  July 15, 2020