Soumy Dhawan

Soumy Dhawan

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Tips For Budding Food Bloggers

Food blogging is not just a hobby, it is a passion, an art which only some of us could follow. Preparing food is difficult but giving instructions, explaining each and […]

  December 28, 2020


6 Last Minute Christmas Gifting Ideas!

Remember the times when we used to dance our heart out with an extra-large smile on our face after receiving gifts from our loved ones. Even today, when we are […]

  December 24, 2020


Why Is Growth On Instagram A Big Dilemma?

From #nomakeup posts to #latenight_party posts, we all know what Instagram is for us.  It has now become Jai to the Veeru within us, winning hearts over Gabber’s (other social […]

  December 5, 2020


Tips For Creating The Perfect Content

“Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.” -Pearl Strachan Hurd Ever thought of choosing a dress for yourself among the best collections of world class designers? […]

  December 3, 2020


Creators With Magic In Their Voices

Music is the refresh button of our life. It is something that calms our soul. We have songs for every mood, let it be heartbreak, party, friendship, or anything. Then […]

  December 2, 2020


Best Way to Collab With DYT And Earn

Are you creative but did nothing to explore it? Well, “it’s better to be late than never”. We all have heard about DYT, watched many videos on it but have […]

  November 27, 2020


Emails or No Emails? Food For Thought.

Starting from the era of” kabootar ja ja ja” to gradually being replaced by “dakiya daak laya “ & then finally entering the era of Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and much […]

  November 26, 2020


5 Kid Influencers To Look Out For In 2020

From reviewing toys to making ice-creams, our country has some of the best social media tweens influencing the tinies throughout the country. With the internet available at almost every home, […]

  November 12, 2020