Tanuj Mandhyan

Tanuj Mandhyan

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10 Canva & Lightroom Shortcuts To Make Designing Ctrl + Easy!

Worried about designing your content swiftly? Scratching your head over using Lightroom & Canva tools/techniques? Stuck in selecting that background element? We have all been there. You’re riddled by numerous […]

  June 11, 2021


7 Useful Tips To Become A Top Instagram Influencer

Look out of the window and what do you see? A bird flying? Clouds building up in the sky? Or, maybe just a rising skyscraper? Astonishingly, spotting an Instagram influencer […]

  June 2, 2021


6 Honest Tips To Improve Your Video Content Engagement

All the major video statistics findings suggest that you would have watched a video before clicking on to read this article. – 78% users watch videos every week – 55% […]

  May 17, 2021


 6 Best Practices To Earn A Verified Badge on Instagram

The ultimate status quo for any creator is to earn a ‘verified’ badge on social media. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Tinder (yes, check it out), every platform […]

  January 19, 2021


7 Creators Who Are Advocating For A Balanced And Healthier Life

There was a time when we watched health shows on television. Over the years, we have shifted from waiting in front of the TV to simply watching on Youtube (add […]

  December 23, 2020


8 Ways To Create An Insta-Worthy Corner At Your Home

Ever woke up in the morning wondering- oh, my face is so sunkissed? “The lighting is perfect, let me just click a picture.” Only to skip posting, because of the […]

  December 22, 2020


Your Year End Binge List!

Thanks to OTT platforms, 2020 was only bearable because we had amazing shows to binge while we pretended to work from home (come on, let’s admit it). There were innumerable […]

  December 11, 2020


4 Effective Ways For Brands To Repurpose Creator Content

Today, it makes the most sense to have creators at the center of your marketing strategy. It is a definite way to guarantee a campaign’s success. Working with content creators […]

  December 10, 2020


6 Ways How Stories & Carousels Up Your Insta Game

Amid the cloud of uncertainty in today’s world, there’s one thing certain- Instagram is the best platform for creating content. It has established its dominance since the early days where […]

  December 4, 2020


5 New Age Career Options For Budding Creators

Whether you’re planning to switch from a full-time job or looking for a side hustle, you need to figure out a blooming career prospect that can be withheld with time. […]

  December 1, 2020